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Docking & Maneuvering webinar series starts in less than 3 days

by American Sailing Association 4 Oct 2021 06:05 UTC 5-7 October 2021
Docking & Maneuvering webinar series © American Sailing Association

This course is suitable for sailors of all levels who wish to improve maneuvering skills and docking techniques. Discover how a boat's individual characteristics affect maneuverability under power, and how you can use those features to your advantage.

Assess the local variable conditions to decide upon and communicate a plan of action. You will learn how to use spring lines and transits to counter the effects of wind and current. Captains Andy and Lisa Batchelor will explore a number of techniques to overcome mooring and docking challenges, and discuss best practices for common and tricky situations. While the focus is on single-engine monohull sailboats, the theory and many techniques apply to all boats. Learn more Click here.


  • Physical factors affecting maneuverability
  • Using propwash, propwalk and propblast
  • Impact of shaft drive vs sail drive on maneuvering
  • Single or twin rudders - why it matters
  • Understanding the variable factors
  • Effects of wind & current
  • Using transits
  • Basic tools of the trade
  • Practice drills: dockside, open water, limited space, close quarters
  • Maneuvering for moorings
  • Departing a slip
  • Docking alongside
  • Docking in a slip - bow first and stern first
  • Transient slips
Join us Tuesday Oct 5th & Thursday Oct 7th, 2021 @ 4:30pm PDT / 7:30pm EDT.

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