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Optimize Your Cruising Efficiency

by American Sailing Association 1 Dec 2021 21:16 UTC December 14, 2021
Optimize Your Cruising Efficiency © American Sailing Association

LIVE Webinar on Tuesday December 14, 2021
@ 4:30 PM PST/ 7:30 PM EDT

Course Description:

Cruising efficiently involves a balance of factors including time, cost, energy consumption, comfort and safety - a unique combination for every mariner. In this webinar, you'll learn the techniques to create the optimal balance for your vessel. You'll learn the basic principles of power consumption and storage, then apply these to an average cruising boat example. We'll explore best practices across a wide range of topics to help you save time and money, improve your quality of life, reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the marine environment.


  • Efficiency of systems - power cycle and energy audits and storage
  • Conventional and alternative energy sources
  • Efficiency under sail - reducing weight, increasing performance
  • Efficiency under power - reducing drag, maintenance, motorsailing
  • Understanding burn rate, fuel mileage and range
  • Efficient dinghy outboards - comparing gas, propane, electric
  • Efficient voyage planning
  • Efficiency of Onboard Space & Resources - provisioning, storage of gear, tools, spares
  • Water conservation tips and tools
  • Green alternative cleaning products
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