Event: Bath Robe
    11-12 Mar 2023

Hosted by:
Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club

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Open to these classes:
Team Racing

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You’re five years old. Your mother calls you from down the hall: “it’s time for your bath darling!” You gleefully race to the bathroom and hurriedly leap in the sweltering water. Wasting no time you reach for your two favourite toys, model sailing boats identical except for their respective blue and gold sails. Your eyes light up as you manoeuvre them between rubber ducks and islands of bubbles, “starboard!” You squeal as one competitor crosses in front of the other. Your concentration is only broken when your mother looms over and abruptly thunders: “wake up everyone, we’re going team racing.

The dream is shattered, you sit up in your sleeping bag, head pounding and dripping with sweat. You look around as the disorientation wears off, and you realise the vision wasn’t entirely fabricated. It’s the Saturday of Bath Robe, your secretary is making the rounds waking up the team and you’re about to make the journey to the hallowed water of Chew Valley.
Will Querée      

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