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TMS present the Smallest Furler Karver have ever designed... the KF0.9

by Matt Churchward 21 Mar 2019 09:00 UTC
Karver KF0.9 alongside the KF12 © Karen Collyer

Who are Karver?

For those of you reading this that have not yet come across Karver then we should probably start by telling you a little about them. In their own words Karver are "a company focused on technological performance". Since the company was created in 2004 their technological approach led them to invest heavily in the furler market and now a significant part of their turnover is largely thanks to their outstanding furlers. "They possess many advanced technical features that are very popular with racers; weight, dimensions, low friction, load capacity, etc, as well as the automatic locking system of the cog-wheel, all of which appeals to sailors looking for simplicity, reliability and security."

One Step Ahead

Faithful to their rebellious spirit, Karver now introduce the smallest furler they have ever designed, dedicated to the smallest sailboats and sailors of all abilities. Allow us to introduce you to the KF0.9.

The concept and result

The initial proposal was an "all options" furler with a unique drum fitting to be developed by the Karver design team. Another essential requirement was to keep production costs to a minimum whilst still producing a furler that was every bit as efficient and innovative as its big brothers. The result is a small but very capable furler which stays true to the performance of the KF Furler range.

Stats and Specifications:

  • The KF0.9 has been designed for sailing yachts from 10ft to 30ft
  • A beautifully compact design for a 900kg max working load furler
  • Lightweight (348g)
  • Captive fast pins
  • Shock absorber drum protection
  • Manufactured in anodized aluminium lightweight and resistant
  • Lashing eye on the swivel to optimize weight and dimensions
  • Innovative 2-in-1 fitting under the drum: Snap shackle + 2:1 friction sheave
  • Quick continuous line installation
  • Max sail area: 50 to 60 m"
The KF0.9 Furler is in stock and available at now.