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Quick added to TMS Range

by Matt Churchward 29 Nov 2019 08:00 UTC
Quick added to the TMS range © TMS

Technical Marine Supplies are pleased to announce the addition of Quick products to our range of equipment.

Working alongside Quick-UK, TMS offer a next day service on all stocked items, from the smallest circuit breaker to the larger windlasses and thrusters, and everything in between.

Alongside this outstanding new range of products TMS offer the technical support and knowledge those in the industry have come to expect, backed up with good stock levels and competitive pricing.

Who are Quick?

Quick SpA are based in Italy, in Piangipane in the province of Ravenna. The plant, expanded in 2007, is spread over 12,000 square metres and includes a general management team, the entire administrative staff, the various production departments and research and product development and design laboratories. It has been present in the United States since 2006 with Quick USA LLC and since 2018 have been active in the UK market also.

The resources acquired over the years have allowed Quick to produce an array of nautical products from concept to completion, and with absolute control over the quality. The machine fleet's most important asset is concentrated in the metalworking factory (CATT Srl, a company acquired in 2003). There the mechanical machining is carried out and moulds are made for plastic materials with technologically advanced equipment.

There are CAD-CAM stations for design, latest generation CNC centres, lathes, and other precision equipment. This operating structure has allowed Quick to increase the quality of their products year on year, to respond easily to the need for custom productions, to create new design according to customer specific requests, and above all to boast made in Italy excellence.

Eco-innovation the Quick Mission

At a time when the environment and how we produce and use products is now at the forefront of our minds companies like Quick have adopted a fresh approach to their production. To help improve the ecological culture through a sustainable production model to comply with the regulations of each country in the field of environmental protection. Quality and innovation have contributed in a fundamental way to make Quick stand out during its growth. Today these characteristics have an added value, given the new strategies that the company has introduced in the organisation.

The solutions are based on Eco-innovation, which is considered a necessary means to meet current market demands and to contribute to the strengthening and development of ecological culture. The company's environmental responsibility policy has therefore mainly focused its investments on the research and development of technologies and tools that facilitate the efficient use of resources, in order to substantially decrease debris produced and reduce waste to zero.

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