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Mediterranean bound

by Noonsite 30 Apr 18:02 UTC
Cruising the Azores Islands © Rod Morris

Next month many cruising boats will be heading east from the Caribbean to the Med and Northern Europe with the Azores a popular stopover mid-Atlantic.

This volcanic archipelago should not be overlooked, however, as a possible bolt hole to wait out the easing of restrictions in Mediterranean countries.

Entry protocols are polished and efficient having been in place throughout the pandemic, and the islands offer delightful cruising plus haulout facilities where a boat can be safely left during the winter months. Read Kia Koropp's account of her time in the Azores with her family after a long Atlantic passage up from South Africa and learn about the forces of nature that have moulded this archipelago and made exploring it, both on land and by water, so fascinating.

If you are headed to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe this summer and not sure what to expect, keep a close eye on the Covid protocols for yachts - which are in a constant state of flux.

The EU authorities announced that the Digital Green Certificate, also known as a vaccine passport, will be ready by June. It will allow vaccinated tourists to travel freely without being subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions throughout the EU Member States. The certificates will be issued to every person living in the Member States and non-EU citizens can request one from the EU member he or she is travelling to. As rules do vary for yacht arrivals throughout the Med and Europe, this will definitely ease cruising from place to place if it's available by the summer. Keep a close eye on the Covid protocols for yachts to better understand the current entry rules and open/closed status of countries.

To help with your planning we have compiled a summary of useful links, articles and resources on Noonsite which may help answer some questions if you Mediterranean Bound.

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