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21th Anniversary Summer Sailstice - Let's all go sailing

by Ken Quant 3 Jun 2021 18:46 UTC June 19, 2021
19th annual Summer Sailstice celebration © Summer Sailstice

This year Summer Sailstice celebrates its 21st anniversary — 21 consecutive years of worldwide sailing celebrations. Summer Sailstice invites sailors to hoist their sails wherever they are and aboard whatever they sail to showcase the "who, what, where, why and how" of sailing.

One weekend in the life of sailing, and a lifetime of sailing in one weekend. Summer Sailstice is the time for all sailors of all sailing styles to celebrate 'together'.

The 2021 Summer Sailstice has established the new role of sailing ambassador to give enthusiastic sailing boosters a platform to grow their fleet, while growing participation in sailing. Who's in? Ros de Vries of the Santa Cruz 27 class is helping get the class sailing, while Milly Biller continues to inspire the Inverness Yacht Club and grow the 110 class on Tomales Bay and beyond. On the East Coast, Molly Winans, editor of Spinsheet magazine on Chesapeake Bay, is helping fill the Chesapeake with sailboats on June 19. You can be an ambassador too — for your community sailing program, your yacht club, your marina or your class of sailboats. Just fill out the form here.

If 2020 taught us anything people know how to celebrate regardless of what the world dishes out. Sailors got out and got the sails up and 2021 is only getting better. Last year we had solo sails, family sails, virtual sails, distanced games, remote controlled sails and so many more creative and unique celebrations of sailing. As the world improves sailors are returning to the water in record numbers. Sailstice events are popping up all over the map, and we are can feel the excitement brewing. There is no better time for sailors to get out, raise the sails and SAILebrate sailing with sailors across the globe.

This year's Sailstice falls on the longest Saturday of the year, June 19th, 2021. A day dedicated purely to enjoying life under sail. The goal since the very first Sailstice is simple, get more people sailing throughout the year, by uniting sailors worldwide in one day of sailing. It doesn't matter where you sail or how you sail, just that you SAIL

To join, visit the Summer Sailstice website to post your June 19 sailing plans at The goal is for all to be celebrating on the water under sail. Either way everyone will find a way to celebrate sailing.

Event details:

Who: Sailors and non-sailors worldwide
When: June 19, 2021
Where: Global (wherever there's wind, water and sails)
How: Register at, add your sailing plans and invite others to join your event. All registered participants are automatically entered into the draw for prizes.

Summer Sailstice actively supports ocean conservation by encouraging support for our environmental partner Sailors for the Sea.

Pandemic notice:
The current global pandemic reminds us all that even the best-laid plans are subject to change. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, plan to participate but adjust plans according the best health guidelines and requests from officials at the time. Sail Safe. Sail Often.

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