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Stor-Dry is a simple, inexpensive way to lower humidity

by Caframo 11 Sep 17:05 UTC
Stor-Dry™ from SEEKR by Caframo © Martin Flory Group

Moisture trapped inside a boat or RV will cause a musty, unpleasant odor. Over time, it can even rust metal. Ideal for winterization or year round use, Stor-Dry™ from SEEKR by Caframo is the simple and inexpensive way to lower the humidity in a confined space—up to 28.3m3.

Built in Canada, dual-action Stor-Dry uses a low-wattage heating element to raise the ambient temperature above the dew point. A quiet internal fan then circulates the warm air throughout the space—up to 30m3 per hour. This reduces humidity and prevents stale air pockets from forming. Unlike a dehumidifier, it has no reservoir to empty.

Placed on the floor where airflow won't be restricted, Stor-Dry plugs into a standard 230V wall outlet. It draws 70W of power and a mere 0.33A, so it's economical to run. For safety, a red light on the side indicates it's running.

Engineered for 24/7 use, Stor-Dry is quiet—only 20 dB—and ruggedly built. It has a durable aluminum cover and comes with a 182cm cord. The device measures 33cm in diameter and is 13cm high. The SEEKR by Caframo Stor-Dry model 9406 comes with a two-year limited warranty.

For more information contact SEEKR by Caframo, Tel: +1-519-534-1080; Email: or visit

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