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Dreaming of your next holiday on the water?

by Sarah Heron 15 Nov 2021 15:45 UTC
Cancun © GetMyBoat

Dreaming of your next holiday on the water? GetMyBoat is redefining the concept of yacht charter, bringing together yacht owners and sailors ready for their next adventure afloat, whether it's for a day, a week, or more. We caught up with Doug Bird, VP of GetMyBoat, about how they are helping people gain access to great boating for less.

Doug, tell us more about the concept behind GetMyBoat.

GetMyBoat has become the world's largest marketplace for boat rentals and all types of water experiences from yachting to kayaking. Our mission is to make it easy to find and book boat rentals for a holiday or staycation, as well as help boat owners and yacht charter operators grow their businesses and gain more access to more customers. It answers the demand for more accessibility to great boating experiences, as well as being a platform for boat owners/charter operators to manage all aspects of their business right on their phones.

What inspired the founders to create GetMyBoat?

GetMyBoat first began when serial entrepreneurs and co-founders Sascha Mornell and Rafael Collado were out on the water. They noticed all the boats sitting unused in dock slips at marinas. They asked themselves, "How can more people gain access to great boating experiences for less?" A few years later and with the emergence of the sharing economy, Sascha and Rafael brought GetMyBoat to life, launching in 2013.

Before GetMyBoat, the yacht and boat charter industry was an extremely fragmented market and was inaccessible to most of the public. In many cases, the only access to boats was via a travel agent, two levels removed from the boat owner. In addition to this, the boating industry as a whole has been failing to bring in a new generation of boaters. This failure is unfortunate because boating is one of the best ways to have memorable experiences, and it shouldn't be difficult to find, book, and enjoy.

We created a platform to connect people that are looking to get out on the water with charter boat businesses that need customers and an easy way to manage all aspects of their business - bookings, advertising, and payments. Owners can work directly in our system and many steps of the booking platform are automated for easy use.

Do you have a favourite destination?


Nothing beats seeing this gorgeous coastal town on the water. It's a great destination for boating and yachting, you can visit the Blue Grotto, cruise to Capri, explore Sorrento, and enjoy the Amalfi Coast on the water. Being on the water here will give you that amazing perspective of the coastline and views that you need to experience.

What are the most popular charter yachts?

The most popular traditional charter yachts in Europe are the typical 35-ft sailing yachts that you might expect to find in a fleet in Greece, Spain, or Turkey. But in the U.S and Caribbean there is broader demand for power catamarans, and power in general.

How about sailing for less than the traditional week, or chartering for racing?

For consumers who do not want to spend an entire week on a boat, GetMyBoat provides the largest selection of day charters, as well as flexible booking durations, i.e. a multi-day weekend charter, or even just a half-day rental. For those that want to try sailing, or perhaps race for the first time, we can offer flexible options for those used to being able to book exactly what they want, when they want it.

GetMyBoat provides comprehensive technology to simplify the entire boat booking process, from start to finish. All inventory can be browsed and booked on our mobile app, which allows for communication with captains and owners before committing to a boat. Thanks to our captains and owners, we are able to offer a diverse selection of yachts and boats and to make boating accessible to a larger demographic. Renters can find everything from day charters to weeklong yachting holidays. Sailing, motor yachts, paddleboarding, whale watching, anything on the water is available on GetMyBoat.

In addition to taking the lowest booking fees in the industry, we offer up-to-date booking calendars, direct messaging between owners/renters, 24/7 customer service, and a wide variety of inventory to help every type of renter find the ideal vessel for their desired boating experience. Everything can be booked seamlessly, right on your phone.

With travel finally opening up, which destinations would you recommend for 2022, for a short break, summer holiday, or winter sun?

A short break...

If you're traveling in the US, a short break that is a getaway to a lake like Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Lanier, Lake Tahoe , or Lake Norman is a fantastic idea. A weekend spent boating at a lake is a relaxing way to spend time with friends and family.

In Europe, some great short break destinations for boating and yachting include Barcelona, Lisbon, the Costa Blanca of Spain, and Saint-Tropez and the French Riviera. Here, you can find great options for day trips on the water, as well as a range of yachts at different price points, ranging from modest to luxury. Enjoy island hopping, cruising to a quiet beach, snorkeling, or sunbathing on your own private boat, away from the crowds at resorts and public beaches.

A summer holiday...

Italy. Italy has so many great destinations along the coast for boating and yachting, both with power and sailing yachts. Another great destination for a summer holiday is the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca) which offer a lot of amazing yachting opportunities. Choose from a huge selection of sailing and power yachts available for private island hopping tours and relaxing in crystal clear waters.

For winter sun...

Heading to the Caribbean is going to be your best bet. From Turks & Caicos to Puerto Rico, Cancún to the Dominican Republic, GetMyBoat has yachts available on every island in the Caribbean. Here, sailing catamarans and power yachts are the most popular for families and groups on a holiday over the winter. With the turquoise waters, warm sun, and sandy beaches, it's the ideal place to escape to during the winter for a guaranteed warm holiday.

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