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SV Red Roo - 2021 the year that was...

by SV Red Roo 10 Jan 13:59 UTC

As another year draws to a close and we celebrate the next one making plans of all it may bring, it is also time to reflect and tally what we achieved over the last 12 months.

I find it hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and we have been living on the boat for 6.5 years since taking ownership in July 2015, that's 2376 days.

We certainly underestimated time when we set off... originally we thought it would take us 5 years to sail home to Australia, (which if we had of headed straight home it may have done, but well, you know, we got distracted by all there is to see over here). We now know it's going to take a while longer yet - there is a lot of the world to see on the way!

Red Roo 2021

  • 168 days sailing (26/05/2021 - 09/11/2021)
  • 1,788 Nautical Miles Travelled
  • 79 Anchorages/Locations
  • 5 Countries; Tunisia, Malta, Italy, Greece, Turkey
  • 3 Continents; Africa, Europe & Asia


  • Failure of wind instrument (replaced €)
  • Sad farewell to our Caribe Dinghy, I miss it!
  • Failure of reverse gear when anchoring (pin replaced)
  • A lot more motoring than previously - it is true what they say about the Mediterranean Sea it's either too much wind (dangerous) or not enough to sail
  • Covid pandemic continues
  • Being safe and healthy at all times
  • Our new dinghy (haven't used it yet but it looks good)
  • Red Roo continues to look after us

Whats Next for 2022

Our plans for 2022 at this stage include, hauling out the boat for polish and maintenance, more travel in Turkey (land travel). Then, set sail west back out of the Mediterranean.

Accumulative Totals 2015 - 2021 Inclusive

11,027 nautical miles
208 night hours sailing
3 Continents; Europe, Africa, Asia
23 Countries; France, Channel Islands, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Italy, Greece, Turkey

I have also recently updated the "our photos" page of our blog. This is where at the end of visiting each country or major destination I collate our favourite photos into a video journal to share. I have now added;

  • Tunisia (Dec 2020 - May 2021)
  • Turkey - Cappadocia (3-12 December 2021)
  • Greece (August 2021 - October 2021)
  • Malta (May 2021 - July 2021)
  • Tunisia (Dec 2020 - May 2021)
  • Gibraltar - La Linea (Spain) & The Southern Spanish Coast (March 2019 - Dec 2020)
To view click the link "our photos" or navigate to our website and the appropriate page

The Data

Year Sailing Season Days Nautical Miles Countries Notes
2021 26/05/21 – 09/11/21 168 1788 5
79 locations.
Late leaving Tunisia due to covid vaccinations.
Winter in Turkey.
2020 03/11/20 – 31/12/20 59 1100 2
22 locations.
Repairs & covid made it a short year.
Winter in Tunisia.
2019 17/03/19 – 24/03/19 8 33 2
The year of the “water ingress incident” & then repairs (insurance).
Winter in Spain.

2018 05/05/18 – 04/11/18 184 2099 6
Channel Islands
59 locations.
Snowing in England until April (late start to season).
Haulout in Portugal (3 weeks).
Winter in Morocco.

2017 09/03/17 – 19/12/17 286 3283 10
The Netherlands
126 locations.
The Netherlands included 31 locks &171 opening bridges.
Winter in the England.

2016 16/01/16 – 12/12/16 332 2,597 6
Channel Islands
Northern Ireland
82 locations.
Winter in Channel Islands (Jan/Feb) & England (Dec).
2015 16/11/15 – 19/12/15 34 127 1
5 locations.
Winter in France (Cherbourg).

This article has been provided by the courtesy of SV Red Roo.

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