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Covid update for cruising yachts

by Noonsite 2 Apr 05:47 UTC
Covid update for cruising yachts © Noonsite


A number of countries have abolished all travel restrictions relating to Covid including Ireland, Iceland, UK and the Channel Islands. Netherlands have done the same for all travelers coming from other EU/Schengen countries.


There are no longer Covid-related travel restrictions for Gibraltar and Madeira. Turkey, Cyprus and Greece have done the same for vaccinated travelers.


Aruba and Curacao have scrapped all Covid-19 travel restrictions, as have Antigua and USVI for fully vaccinated arrivals. In the Bahamas the 5th day post-arrival test has been eliminated and Dominica has removed the need for arrival testing for vaccinated travelers (but pre-departure tests are still required). St. Lucia and SVG, now permit vaccinated crew to arrive with just a rapid antigen result.

South America:

Covid-19 arrival controls have ceased in French Guiana and Brazil is slowly opening its maritime borders with 2 ports of entry open at this time to pleasure vessels with Covid testing on arrival.


Big news this month was the announcement that Australia's maritime borders were opening at last, however the government have still not yet published clear guidelines for entry by pleasure craft. Currently entry into Queensland is proving successful with testing on arrival for vaccinated crew. Other States have not confirmed their rules for arriving yachts.

The much-awaited opening of New Caledonia has also been confirmed this month, with just a Covid test required 48 hours after arrival. More good news from New Zealand as the date for re-opening air borders has been brought forward. International visitors from visa-waiver countries can now fly to NZ from 1 May, 2022, a big relief for many boat owners whose yachts have been stuck in NZ throughout the Pandemic.

The Covid extension for vessels in NZ on C4G/Temporary Import Entry has also been extended for a further 12 months to 30 June 2023. The Galapagos now permit all visitors to enter with just a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid test and Fiji has also eased its Blue Lane entry procedures further.

Indian Ocean:

Maldives now permit vaccinated arrivals to enter without any testing.

SE Asia:

Malaysia will re-open its borders from 1 April. Pre-departure and on-arrival testing are required for everyone, but vaccinated arrivals won't need to quarantine. Other openings include Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. Pre-travel testing requirements will be lifted for international arrivals to Thailand from April and there is no more quarantine required on arrival in Indonesia.

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