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Novara One Planet team speaks at Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, Eastbourne

by Novara 4 Sep 2022 10:12 UTC
Novara One Planet team speaks at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, Eastbourne © Novara

OCC members join forces to initiate the Novara One Planet project which aims to partner with coastal communities to develop and implement climate change adaptation plans.

Novara, the boat, is accustomed to adventure; it's been part of her solid structure since the day she was launched 25 years ago. Now after an over-haul of her carbon-fibre aero-rigged masts, she's preparing for an adventure partnering with coastal communities, as well as the waves she is more familiar with.

Steve Brown, adventure sailor and mountaineer, is mentoring the new custodians of Novara, Dr Nigel Jollands and Veronica Lysaght. Together, they are working on the Novara One Planet project which aims to partner with coastal communities to develop and implement climate change adaptation plans.

One of their first actions is working with the United Nations Association Climate & Oceans, Plastic Free Eastbourne and the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club to explain the aims and objectives of the Novara One Planet project in a live event at the Royal Sovereign Suite on Sunday 4 September, 2022 at 18:00. Weather permitting, Novara will be moored in the Eastbourne Marina and attendees are welcome onboard.

Nigel has worked on climate change research, action, policy and finance for 30 years. He's established one of the largest city environmental finance programmes in the world and overseen climate and environmental action plans for dozens of cities from Ankara to Zenica. And somehow that's not enough. The Novara project gives him an opportunity to get out from behind his desk and combine his passion for sailing and the environment.

The Novara One Planet project will mean Veronica, a leadership coach and founder of 'Leading with Humanity', will continue to support those making a difference in the world. She is particularly excited to offer youth the opportunity to join climate-change focused sailing expeditions and to use the boat as a platform to contribute to climate, environmental and scientific and artistic projects.

'I am delighted we will have a young person join us on the sail from Dover to Eastbourne (weather permitting) to get a taste of life on board an adventure yacht.'

Currently, the Novara One Planet team is searching for a community willing to explore what climate change is going to mean for it. Specifically, team members will partner with a community using a UNESCO climate change model, written by IPCC author and one of Novara One Planet's advisors, Bruce Glavovic. The aim of a community partnership is to plan how a community can adapt to climate change, find ways of funding adaptation plans, as well as providing technical advice and leadership coaching until the plans become a reality.

View the live event here

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