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Madintec becomes "technology partner" of the MODX 70 Catamaran

by MODX 22 Oct 2022 07:22 UTC
Madintec becomes `technology partner` of the MODX 70 Catamaran © MODX

Madintec, a company specialized in the development of electronic and software solutions for the offshore racing, becomes "technology partner" of the MODX70 series. Part of the new MODX-catamarans brand, the MODX70 is a 100% electric, autonomous and 100% renewable energies leisure catamaran. The first MODX70 is currently under construction and will be launched in the second half of 2023.

Matthieu ROBERT, Madintec's President and head of R&D, talks about the genesis of his company and the vision shared with Océan Développement, the shipyard builder of the MODX series, which aims at decarbonizing the yachting of tomorrow.

Once upon a time Madintec

Madintec is a 10 years old design and engineering office dedicated to innovation in the field of yachting. We specialize in the design and development of hardware and software for autopilot. Over the past 5 years, the MADBrain has become the de facto new generation of autopilot product in the offshore racing community. We are proud to have been the partner of several skippers, winners of multiple races, including the Vendee Globe. For the coming Route du Rhum, we wish all the best to the 46 teams and skippers which have decided to trust the partnership with Madintec.

Can you tell us about your motivations and interests in the partnership with the MODX 70 electric catamaran project?

Innovation in the world of yachting has been in our DNA from day one. We believe that it is essential to task our engineering team with a challenging project and in that context, we value the partnership with the highly skilled team at Océan Développement's led by Franck David as well as with Aeroforce, the start-up launching the very ambitious and innovative inflatable wing system to be automated by Madintec.

The other key factor which was instrumental in our decision to partner with the MODX 70 project is the alignment of our values and commitments to innovate towards a more sustainable and ocean friendly eco-system.

The same spirit has been the cornerstone of our involvement in the SkyCityFoiler project, an electric foiling catamaran (MerConcept). Today Madintec offers an operational solution to automate foiling vessels allowing massive savings in energy consumption. It is time for the yachting industry to take its share in the transition towards better and more efficient energy management, the solutions exist!

Without disclosing too much, can you share the main areas of development involved with the MODX 70 project (hydrogeneration, wings automation, autopilot, energy manager,...)?

We can't indeed disclose all the innovations of the MODX 70 project, there are many, but we can say that the project is challenging for the whole team. We are developing new electronic boards and software to meet the automation requirements of the wing system. We started from scratch, and it needs to be simple and safe to operate! In that aspect, the operator interface, also developed by our team, will be instrumental to achieve these objectives. Moreover, we believe that the unique aspect of the project is the integration and management, withing a single system, of both the consumption and the production of energy on board. We are shaping tomorrow's yachting standard, with no charging station!

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