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New to cruising - How to get started

by Noonsite 26 Jan 19:24 UTC
New to cruising © Noonsite

How to get started

Jeremy Wyatt of World Cruising Club talks with Canadian blogger Annika Rautiola in this podcast about how to move forward when you have a dream of crossing an ocean, giving excellent insight into what to expect when joining an ocean rally plus lots of great advice on how to prepare for bluewater cruising.

You know you're a cruiser when...

A little sneek peek into the cruising life from a female's perspective, this is an amusing collection of daily happenings shared by 1 year liveaboard Kathy Erwin and her sea sisters. All responded to "you know you are a cruiser when" - and the results will give you a good chuckle.

Best advice from experienced cruisers

The Boat Galley team offer some top tips for new cruisers in their January newsletter. Here are some of the best:

  • One of the hardest first things to learn - it's okay to wait while others go, to learn that it is important to follow your own narrative, and your own timing, because all boats and all sailors are so different.
  • Slow down. You'll likely go half as far and half as fast as you think when you set out. That might still be too fast.
  • Before you haul out for a major refit project that you don't plan to DIY, verify that the shipyard allows outside contractors. If your boatyard demands you use their service providers exclusively, you may very well be held hostage for months by a mechanic that has more money to make on someone else's boat.

If you have anything to share with those new to the cruising life, send us an email at , we'd love to hear your stories.

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