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Ocean outlook: South China Sea and Indian Ocean

by Noonsite 28 Jan 23:23 UTC
South China Sea © Noonsite

South China Sea:

Long-term SE Asia cruiser Anthony Swanston of SV Wildfox, spent the 2022 rainy season tucked up in the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Marina at Pulau Langkawi Island on Malaysia's west coast. A regular Noonsite contributor, Anthony provides this update for other SE Asia cruisers.

?Anthony also has posted feedback about Krabi Boat Lagoon, a new marina and hard stand in Thailand, after spending 5 weeks there.

Sebana Cove Marina, located close to Singapore in Malaysia, is currently closed with new management due to take over, but no dates for re-opening yet.


It's been announced that the month-long Andaman Islands Rally is back on for this year, to be held 20 February-21 March 2023. This is a cruiser event with yachts joining at Port Blair for a welcome dinner, tours and events around the island, followed by a number of days to individually explore and then back to Port Blair for a farewell dinner. The organisers do charge an entry fee, but assist with all paperwork for entry and cruising the islands. Contact for details.

Regular contributor, circumnavigator Maryanne Webb, has shared details of a stopover in Mayotte on their way from the Chagos Archipelago to South Africa. She also explains load shedding and how it affects sailors visiting South Africa.

Cruisers visiting Ilha de Mozambique have reported the importance of staying on your yacht after arrival until Immigration have been contacted and visited the boat. Immigration must be seen before the Port Captain.

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