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The Emergency Antenna You Will Want to Use

by Marine Components International 31 Mar 16:00 UTC
Rollable Emergency Marine Antenna © Revolve-Tec

You are at sea, and you find yourself in a rather unfortunate position with no primary antenna working on board. Maybe you have been struck by lightning, dismasted, in a liftraft or simply a broken connection, either way you need to make off vessel communications. You need your Emergency VHF Antenna.

It's time to step away from traditional backup antennas and meet the latest technology on the market that is quick to deploy and offers sailors a reliable connection and here's why.

The Revolve-Tec Emergency Marine Antenna offers sailors a high performance and efficient option for off-vessel communication. It's quick, reliable, and flexible in application. It comes with additional features not available with traditional antennas. Finally, it's convenient to store, ideal for a grab back or in an aft locker ready to grab in an emergency.

So, let's find out more:

At 750 grams the Revolve-Tec Emergency VHF Antenna is light and easily taken from its storage pouch and ready for use. Within seconds it can be unrolled into a bright yellow rigid mast antenna at 2.5m in length. If deploying at night, it is recommended the optional extra SOLAS approved ACR C-Strobe be secured to the top increasing your visibility.

Once deployed it can be used secured in place in three ways:

  1. Crew member can hold in hand
  2. Secured to the pushpit with the Velcro straps provided
  3. Hoisted up the mast, on a halyard and with a retrieval line attached

The 6m cable can then be connected to your primary VHF connection at your nav station or to your handheld VHF. You can then make your necessary transmission.

As quickly as you deploy the rollable technology the process can be reversed and once you are back in port or rescued onto another vessel you can fold away your antenna. The proven patented technology by Rolatube (RTL Materials Ltd) is widely used, robust and once stored is ready to be used again.

The Facts:

Revolve-Tec marine emergency VHF Antenna is

  • - Light - 750grams
  • - Compact to store - 11cm x 13cm
  • - AIS compatible
  • - 2.5m long for a good signal
  • - High Visibility in colour and with an optional SOLAS ACR C-Strobe light
  • - 6m of cable to reach back to handheld VHF or nav station

Prepare for your offshore season and order yours today:

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