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Tom Cunliffe introduces new interactive navigation app

by AngelNav 19 May 08:20 UTC
Tom Cunliffe introduces new interactive navigation app © AngelNav

Renowned sailor, author and raconteur, Tom Cunliffe has introduced an exciting new interactive app using raster charts derived from UKHO data.

Following the strong negative response to the UKHO's now postponed decision to discontinue paper charts and their important raster derivatives, Cunliffe and his colleague Bill Aylward have produced AngelNav, an iPad-based chart plotter using UKHO data for raster charts.

Looking exactly like paper charts, AngelNav's raster charts are complete with the important notes and warnings that have disappeared from their vector equivalents. Navigating with AngelNav is designed to be like having a plotter that uses the charts in a boat's navigation station, with two primary differences: they are all present and always up to date.

In addition to the usual waypoints and routes, AngelNav alone allows a user the power to plot traditional chartwork easily on the screen. Three-point fixes from compass bearings can be plotted on-screen, just like a pencil on a paper chart, as can vector diagrams for a course to steer or an estimated position.

"Not only does this enable sailors to keep in touch with traditional methods of navigation, it also means that if GPS takes a break and paper backup falls short, AngelNav's charts still work for electronic navigation based on reliable analogue inputs," says Cunliffe.

"You can also create accurate, georeferenced satellite charts for anywhere in the world within the app - extremely useful in remote areas where conventional charting is patchy. With AngelNav, the skipper is genuinely in charge of his own destiny."

Currently, AngelNav offers UK waters and Ireland with more areas coming on-line.

AngelNav is a free app from the Apple App store for iPhones and iPads running iOS 15.0 and above. UK and Ireland charts are divided into affordable sections that can be bought in-app at £24.99.

Tom Cunliffe is a recently retired Yachtmaster Instructor Examiner and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation. He is the author of many top-selling textbooks on navigation and seamanship.

Bill Aylward is a retired eye surgeon, an ocean sailor and a software developer.

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