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Quick presents the new Olympic anchors at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

by Quick Spa 16 Sep 2023 07:04 UTC
Olympic anchor © Quick Spa

Quick Spa, one of the world's leading companies specializing in the production of nautical equipment, is proud to introduce the new Olympic anchors at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. These anchors have been developed through an extensive process of product engineering and in-house production process. The first two models created, weighing 16 kg and 20 kg, are ideal for boats ranging from 10 to 13 meters with a displacement of 6 to 10 tonnes.

These initial two models are just the precursors of an entire range of anchors that, thanks to their compact shank, will adapt to most bow rollers currently on the market.

The shape and size of the anchor have been proportioned to have a larger amount of lead on the front part of the fluke, and thus achieve a center of gravity projected more toward the tip. The result? An increase in penetrating capacity through the material during penetration of the seabed. The rear shape of the Olympic anchors features a reduction, thanks to a design that favors the sliding of the impacted material during the seabed penetration process.

Stabilizing flaps have been incorporated into the outer section of the fluke, allowing the anchor to maintain a perpendicular position to the seabed during the penetration phase. Both the shank and the rear part of the fluke have been designed to have more weight in the front, achieved through the joining of stamped plates, allowing for weight reduction while maintaining the anchor's correct position on the seabed. Furthermore, the eyelet, with its robustness and unique shape, enables safe and easy anchor retrieval, always ensuring the correct position thanks to its combination with the swivel. In fact, the Olympic anchor and its corresponding swivel are in the patented stage with an auto overturning system. This system allows the anchor to overturn, thus positioning on the correct side on the bow roller and works thanks to the combination between the eyelet shape welded at the end of the shank and its elements. All Olympic swivels are made of Duplex which is a material extremely resistant to marine corrosion and which boasts an incomparable mechanical strength.

"The anchor joins our portfolio with a specific goal: to complement our historical anchor windlass offering, making us an increasingly prominent player in the industry, capable of providing the entire onboard equipment," comments Michele Marzucco, CEO of Quick Spa. "A result of careful product engineering and our internal production organization, the anchor has already been installed both at the bow and stern of our demo boat Nimbus T 11 and is ready to be tested at the Genoa Boat Show 2023. The Olympic Anchors project, a source of pride, is part of the larger ambitious journey of the Group."

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