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Lagoon celebrates 40 years of dream cruises

by Lagoon Catamarans 7 May 10:59 UTC
Lagoon celebrates 40 years of dream cruises © Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoon in figures - 1984-2024

  • 3 French shipyards in Vendée and Bordeaux
  • 7000 catamarans cruising the waters of the world
  • 40 models since 1984
  • 233 points of contact, specialists in locations throughout the world
  • 300 yachts of +60 feet built
  • 2000 staff members in the world - Hong Kong, Dompierre-sur-Yon & Bordeaux (France), Fort Lauderdale (United States)

1984 - 2024
Lagoon celebrates 40 years of cruising

Born in 1984, Lagoon - a brand of the Beneteau Group- has quickly become a reference throughout the world.

With 40 years of experience and expertise, Lagoon has become a global leader in the construction of catamarans. Today, there are over 7,000 Lagoon catamarans cruising the world's seven seas.

For 40 years, Lagoon has been working to realize the dreams of our customers. Innovation, savoir-faire, a passion for the sea, and attention to detail have always been the driving forces of Lagoon. Taking care of Lagoon owners and being there for them on their journeys at sea is the promise of the brand.

Jeanneau Techniques Avancees

It was in 1984, under the name of Jeanneau Techniques Avancées, that the shipyard, assisted by the naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, would give birth to Fleury Michon and Pierre 1er. In fact, these two naval architects and Jean François de Prémorel met on the water, then sealed a friendship among sailors by designing and building a racing trimaran. Once the construction of this trimaran was completed, each then went on their separate marine adventures: Jean François sailed with Philippe Poupon, who would entrust the creation of his Fleury Michon to Jeanneau, while VPLP Design produced the most impressive list of multihull racing victories, designing the top Formula 40s.

It was a woman who would bring them together again: she appreciated beautiful boats and was seeking the ideal sailboat for cruising in the sun. The challenge: "Design me a pretty cruising catamaran!" Thus, the Lagoon 55 was born, of which she would order two, and this involved creating molds. When viewed in profile, one might consider this model a beautiful, almost "classic" sailboat, despite the panoramic coachroof and long aft transoms, invitations for a swim.

Jeanneau Techniques Avancees

As soon as the first catamaran was assembled, without any communications or even the slightest sales ambition, a third order came in, and then the orders came in regularly, to the point that the team became organized, with managers of design, composite, warehouse, production... a real little shipyard developed within the larger one. Lagoon rapidly conquered the world of catamarans with its high-performance, innovative.

Construction Navale Bordeaux

Bordeaux had enjoyed a long history in naval construction, up until 1986, when activity in naval construction had declined and then ceased, with the closing of the Chantiers du Sud-Ouest. Then, it was in 1987 that Dieter GUST, a young German, would approach the Conseil General of Gironde with the proposal to renew activity in naval construction.

He would create Construction Navale Bordeaux, or CNB, which initially specialized in the construction of large, aluminum monohulls and oneoffs.

Then, in 1992, the Beneteau Group purchased CNB.
This heritage was progressively drawn on in the production of Lagoon catamarans, thus contributing to the brand's development as a world leader.

And now, we would like to present a brief retrospective of the history of this unique shipyard !

XIXe siècle
Construction Navale Bordeaux

It all begins with heritage: the shipyard in Bordeaux counts over 150 years of naval history. This photo was taken at the launch of the Infernet cruiser in 1899, an architectural feat for the time!

After serving as a naval shipyard for the construction of numerous cruisers, as well as merchant ships and oil tankers, this activity ceased in 1985.

Celebrating Lagoon's 40th anniversary in video

The current range

Lagoon strives daily to enhance their customers' cruising experience. The Lagoon crew are attentive to every detail and take every precaution to meet their customers' expectations, to help them realize their dreams.

To date, Lagoon has built over 7,000 sailing and power catamarans. For its 40th anniversary, Lagoon is presenting a retrospective of the entire current range, as well as the iconic models.

Sailing Catamarans

  • Lagoon 40
  • Lagoon 42
  • Lagoon 43
  • Lagoon 46
  • Lagoon 51
  • Lagoon 55
  • Lagoon 60
  • Sixty 5
  • Seventy 7

Power Catamarans

  • Sixty 7
  • Seventy 8

Iconic Models

Lagoon 410
The Lagoon revolution is in motion!

With an innovative, impressively large coachroof bordered by vertical windows, this catamaran signals the new design of Lagoon catamarans. The birth of the Lagoon 410, in 1997, corresponds with the arrival of the brand in the Groupe Beneteau, with new talents as well as access to resources and industrial technological capabilities. The Lagoon 410 breaks with conventional codes, adopting a much bolder look, with vertical windows well suited for life in the Tropics, and offering considerable interior volume.

Lagoon 380
Often imitated, never equaled!

This model, which came out in 1999 and remained in production for 20 years, is without a doubt the most iconic model of the Lagoon range. Enjoyable under sail, safe in bad weather, this catamaran offers exceptional comfort for a model under 12 meters in length.

Lagoon 440
The catamaran that led the flybridge trend.

In 2004, this model created a significant buzz with its flybridge... for or against, the debate was passionate. 20 years later, multihull specialists and users alike are unanimous: the 440 is a success, a clever balance of volume, performance, ease of handling, and enjoyable cruising. With the extended lines of her coachroof, a dynamic silhouette, optimized volume, and an ergonomic design: over 300 have been built, and the Lagoon 440 has truly become a reference in her category of cruising catamarans.

Lagoon 420
The lure of a hybrid!

In 2006, the Lagoon 420 Hybrid created a small revolution. Lagoon was the first shipyard in the world to offer a hybrid engine on a production model boat - an incredible innovation - but without a doubt, launched 10 years to soon. This catamaran is appreciated for its specifications and the ease of life on board.

The first yacht by Lagoon!

With this model, Lagoon launched in 2009 into the world of yachts of over 60 feet, developing the expertise and refinement that would make this model a success. This catamaran is designed to go further and to expand horizons, offering unequalled comfort and featuring a warm, inviting atmosphere and spacious layout, bathed in natural light, ideal for enjoying the sea.

Lagoon 450
The first catamaran to break the ceiling of 1,000 boats sold!

With the Lagoon 450, the architects at VPLP Design, in association with Lagoon and the design cabinet, Nauta Yachts, very successfully met the challenge, which was to replace the Lagoon 440. Larger, with greater sail area, the Lagoon benefited from important advances in the fields of safety, performance, and comfort. This model was developed in 2010 in two versions, one with a flybridge and the other with a sport top.

Lagoon 52
Expand your horizons!

The 52 is the fruit of careful consideration by architects, Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP Design), the Italian firm of Nauta Design, and the Lagoon design office. Launched in 2013, this model has stood for nearly 10 years as the largest Lagoon catamaran. With this model, three rigging configurations are possible. The result: innovative - and sometimes radical - choices, in terms of elegance, comfort, ease of use, and of course... performance under sail.

Lagoon 42
The best-selling catamaran!

The fruit of a clever architectural feat, the Lagoon 42 asserts a distinct personality and an uncommon ability to win hearts. Fluid lines and cleverly designed interior volumes create a serene atmosphere. Created in 2015 for a life on the sea, the new Lagoon 42 will bring you an ocean of pleasure. The beautiful attitudes of the Lagoon 42 under sail demonstrate balance and performance, a unique style, blending energy and smooth finish.

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