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Maritime tech company iNav4u launches Zora 2.0, state-of-the-art fully configurable operating system

by iNav4u 10 May 09:07 UTC
Zora 2.0 © iNav4U

iNav4u, a leading marine electronics manufacturer, is proud to launch Zora 2.0, a game-changing integrated operating system that brings once-exclusive yacht technology to the fingertips of every boat owner.

iNav4U has developed a profile and state-based operating system that can be configured according to the user's requirements. This open protocol system integrates all navigation instruments, systems, controls, and applications to manage modern yachts. iNav4U is now making it available to all boat owners, making all aspects of sailing easier.

CEO of iNav4U, Olivier Hendrikx, explains, "Our objective is to make this system the standard operating system for all yachts. Until now, such systems were only accessible to super yachts as expensive bespoke systems. iNav4U offers the same level of luxury in a commercial off-the-shelf fully configurable system at an affordable cost of entry."

Hendrikx emphasizes the significance of this milestone, stating, "For too long, advanced operating systems were reserved for super yachts with custom-developed solutions, placing them out of reach for most boat owners. Zora 2.0 technology changes that with a commercial off-the-shelf application that is fully configurable, providing a tailored experience for each unique yacht."

Zora 2.0 technology is the brainchild of former software company executives turned avid sailors, who spent a decade navigating the seas on a Lagoon 470. They converted their firsthand challenges in managing modern yacht technology into a sought-after solution, driven by their passion for entrepreneurship and sailing.

"We are well versed in the daily challenges of yacht captains, having lived this ourselves and through our extensive yachting network. With Zora 2.0, captains can focus on what they do best - sailing - while our system takes care of the rest, ensuring safety, peace of mind and enjoyment on the water," added Brenda Robinson, COO at Inav4u.

Key Advantages of Zora 2.0:

  • Fully Configurable: Create configurable views for various stations based on the user profile. Whether cruising, sailing, anchoring, docking, or relaxing, the system knows and will create different modes of view based on your preferences.
  • Comprehensive Sensor Integration: Zora 2.0 aggregates sensor data, providing captains with real-time information and alerts on weather, navigation, and overall vessel health.
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Alerts: Zora 2.0 continuously monitors critical systems and alerts captains to any issues, allowing quick and proactive decision-making.
  • Enhanced User Interface: The new interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for captains and crew to access and interpret vital information. With adaptive screens, Zora shows you what you need when needed.
  • Emergency Management: In an onboard emergency, Zora will help the people onboard to remain calm and focused on what needs to happen next. Never worry that the people onboard won't know what to do. Zora will walk those onboard through it one step at a time.
  • Reduced Dependence on Apps: Eliminating the need to use multiple Apps with built-in features for project management, document management, inventory tracking, expenses, maintenance and repair management, automated logbooks, trips and journeys, anchor assistance, alarms and sail management.
  • Access Your Preferred Display Anywhere, Anytime: Once installed Zora can be viewed in any browser or multiple browsers. You can select a high-resolution waterproof glass helm display, rugged tablets, iPads or tablets for cabins, or a large salon screen for Zora.
  • Marine Electronic Installers: Zora 2.0 provides an interface for seeing all NMEA data on the bus, allowing for real-time monitoring and diagnostics of your customer's yacht on or offshore and the ability to prioritize and calibrate all onboard electronics in one place.
For more information about Zora 2.0 and to schedule a demo, visit

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