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Saffier SL 46 first look & design process

by Saffier Yachts 15 Jun 09:31 UTC
Saffier SL 46 © Saffier Yachts

We would like to give you an exclusive insight into the design process of the Saffier SL 46. The Saffier SL 46 is our new flagship and this luxury sailing yacht raises all standards for style, luxury and performance.

We perfected our design process by meticulously crafting a full scale mock-up of the Saffier SL 46, allowing us to engineer and design the yacht to the highest level of perfection.This goes from the design of the cockpit for ultimate ergonomics to as far as the way you press a button to open a cupboard.

Watch the video below to gain a thorough understanding of how we designed the SL 46 and see what choices we made throughout the process. Kay explains it to you all.

'A first-look at the first Saffier SL 46.''.

A first-look at the first hull of the Saffier SL 46. The hull is created with a vacuum-infused technique. This technique allows a strong yet light hull and deck. Because of this process there is an exact and more consistent fiber-to-resin ratio since resin is drawn in by vacuum, rather than pushed out by lamination by hand. Therefore, constructing under vacuum ensures more strength and durability in order to make the Saffier SL 46 last a lifetime.

The first Saffier SL 46 is painted in a stunning Bentley Orange Flame. Her metallic color changes in the sun and makes this Saffier Yacht come to life. Besides that, you can create your own custom color with a great more attention to detail. Feel free to make an appointment to come aboard the Saffier SL 46 in which we will show you the building process in great detail.

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