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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

How you can help our oceans this World Refill Day!

by Oceana 17 Jun 06:16 UTC
Tell Drink Companies # Refill Again © Oceana

This World Refill Day, help make a difference by joining Oceana in calling on beverage and bottling companies to #RefillAgain!

In a world that is already facing unprecedented, catastrophic, irreversible changes due to both the plastic and climate crises, large corporate actors have a responsibility to reduce their impact.

For the beverage industry, the path forward is clear — reusable packaging.

Why? Because large-scale refillable bottling systems already exist around the world, and new reusable cup systems are emerging as well. These systems are the most leveraged way to reduce single-use plastic.

Refillable bottles — which were once the primary way beverages were sold — can be used as many as 50 times, and reusable cups over 100 times. Every instance of reuse prevents a plastic bottle or cup from being thrown away or carelessly trashed, and possibly ending up in our oceans. If the beverage industry were to increase reuse by only ten percentage points by 2030, it could eliminate 1 trillion single-use plastic bottles and cups and prevent up to 153 billion from getting into the world's waterways and oceans.

By urging companies to re-establish and prioritize reusable packaging we can achieve the systemic change necessary to protect the future of our oceans. Add your name and join the #RefillAgain movement today!

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