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Tiwal the inflatable dinghy's 10th anniversary regatta

by Tiwal 3 Jul 11:00 UTC
Tiwal 10th anniversary regatta © Tiwal

10th anniversary regatta with Tiwal's inflatable sailing dinghy

The Tiwal Cup returned on 18th May 2024. This year's regatta was extra special for the small sailboat as it was the Cup's 10th edition! 78 sailors on board 51 Tiwals came together from the four corners of France and the rest of the world: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA.

While we would all have preferred a bit more wind that day, at least it proved a great opportunity to take in and appreciate the sights of the Gulf of Morbihan (France) in the sun.

For its 10th anniversary, the Tiwal Cup may not have offered a wild ride - but certainly was a joy-filled meeting of like-minded sailors.

This year's winners are:

Tiwal 3 solo: Luc Dieulot

Tiwal 3R solo: Hervé Darier

Tiwal 3 double: Marie Labro and Olivier Dang

Tiwal 2 double: Julia Schaefer and Richard Babbé

Speed-assembly competition:

It only takes about 20 minutes for a single person to assemble the Tiwal 3 small sailboat. Sometimes even less; the framework is easily clipped together. The record to beat for one person is 7 min. 46 seconds! This year, the fastest assemblies were:

Tiwal 3 solo: Pierre-Étienne Mertens (13' 45")

Tiwal 3 duo: Rikke Erch and Ulrik Petersen (10' 05")

Tiwal 3R: Christophe Druart (16' 28")

Tiwal: the revolutionary Inflatable Sailboat that fits in 2 bags

Stowed in 2 bags, the inflatable sailboats are easy to transport by car, boat or airplane. Unroll, inflate, clip together... and sail! Assembly is fast and tool-free.

The Tiwal is very easy to learn to use. Its sailing qualities provide great sensations. Very responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, Tiwal is dynamic in more sporty conditions. And when it takes off, gliding across the water, it'll simply blow you away!

Whether single-handed, with family or friends, Tiwal is the ideal lightweight dinghy to share the pleasures of sailing and go on an escapade at sea or on lakes.

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