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Pacific Ocean outlook

by Noonsite 3 Jul 19:13 UTC
Panama Canal © Vajiram and Ravi

Panama: After a year of restrictions due to severe drought, the Panama Canal Authority report that normal canal operations are slowly returning.

There has been an increase in the number of daily transits and yachts can expect to wait just a few days for a transit after arrival. Find out more here.

French Polynesia: We are loving these scenic YouTube videos of French Polynesia. If you are wondering what it's really like to visit this Pacific archipelago, then this video gives you a bird's eye view of the wonderfully sheltered lagoons, dramatic mountain scenery and incredibly diverse culture. You'll be planning that Pacific Crossing in no time!

New Caledonia: While the situation has improved slightly and the previously declared State of Emergency has been lifted, recreational vessels are still being advised against visiting the country due to the continued instability of the situation. More news here.

Vanuatu: After spending the South Pacific Cyclone Season in New Zealand, regular Noonsite contributors Maria and Allen Wadsworth headed north to Vanuatu. Read their report on the wonders of Vanuatu.

Palau authorities, in Micronesia, have reported a dramatic increase in yacht arrivals this season. Unfortunately, the majority arrived completely unaware of the very high entry fees and the pre-arrival paperwork that is mandatory prior to entry. It appears most were US yachts going for the great diving that Palau has to offer, but not, however, doing their homework with regards to formalities. While no boats were actually turned away, some left due to the high fees. Be aware that every country has its own particular clearance procedure. By doing your homework and following the rules, you ease the way for the yachts following in your wake.

Find out all you need to know about cruising to Palau on Noonsite.

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