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Just how close?

Sailing Holidays 2019 - TOP

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Lone star. - photo © John Curnow

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Thoughts of record books are far from Jeanne Socrates' mind. Frustration is actually the number one element the inimitable and inspirational sailor is dealing with presently.

When I spoke with her yesterday, she had just 400 nautical miles or so to go of her amazing round the world odyssey, but was not really making a lot of way either.

Typically, she was upbeat about it all, yet for me, the most incredibly factor present was that even now, even after the knock downs, even after the torn mainsail, even after the Southern Ocean storms, even after the wind vane steering died, even after the demise of the electronics, the elements still wanted her to pay some more dues. The boom end was the latest breakage. As Socrates said, "At least the seas were flat!"

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Jeanne Socrates on S/V Nereida - photo © Daria Blackwell
Jeanne Socrates on S/V Nereida - photo © Daria Blackwell

So I got to think during the call that anyone who has followed her journey and incredible tale needs to do whatever it is they favour, and talk to whichever deity it is that runs their life, and ask for a speedy return to Victoria Harbour, British Columbia, in Canada for this amazing soul.

If you can, also stress that during the course of this weekend would be nice, as they are holding their classic boat festival over the holiday long weekend, and it would all be rather fitting. Don't you think? One last thing, if you would, is to suggest that during daylight would be a really nice touch, too. I mean something has to go right for her at some point, "You begin to wonder...", says a laughing Socrates.

Actually, I have asked my powers that be to make it a belated birthday gift for Jeanne from the 17th of August. "Could you see if a little Westerly can send me in please?" The last section alone is 60nm, and there is a whole lot of shipping and other traffic in the area, so at least she is well rested for now.

"It is one day at a time right now, and that is all I can focus on. I am doing little things to keep motivated, like I just celebrated the fixing of the boom with a pancake breakfast. I cannot think of the end until I have crossed the finish line."

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Polishing the topsides, and we all have to face it - Jeanne Socrates, oldest ever non-stop female solo circumnavigator, at work on Nereida - photo © SW
Polishing the topsides, and we all have to face it - Jeanne Socrates, oldest ever non-stop female solo circumnavigator, at work on Nereida - photo © SW

"If the winds arrive I think I can do well, for it seems like Nereida does not have a lot of growth on her. I am keen to get her out when I get back to actually see if this is so. I did 80nm in seven and half hours, easily making over 7.5knots, all in the preceding 24 hours." Maybe all of the issues she has endured have conspired to look after that aspect with 'free' hull cleans.

Overall, I did sense that she is very keen to return now, and does not want it to drag on any longer. No major surprise in that. "There has been a lot happen, that's for sure."

I also think it is important to look at just how well prepared she has been with the myriad of spares, extra food and water, as well as determination to fix things herself at sea, so that she can preserve her hard fought right to be the oldest, solo, unassisted, and non-stop circumnavigator. Jeanne Socrates is a star.

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Blue Water Medal: Jeanne Socrates (left) accepts the 2013 Blue Water Medal from Cruising Club of America Commodore Frederic T. Lhamon (right) for her completion of a solo nonstop circumnavigation of the world on her third attempt. - photo © Dan Nerney
Blue Water Medal: Jeanne Socrates (left) accepts the 2013 Blue Water Medal from Cruising Club of America Commodore Frederic T. Lhamon (right) for her completion of a solo nonstop circumnavigation of the world on her third attempt. - photo © Dan Nerney

I also know she would want to thank all of her followers, and particularly those that have helped her solve issues over the radio and phone. So to you I merely say well done. You know how much you did, and she has spoken many times about how much she has appreciated it all. Jeanne also indicated to me "...that I have more than enough for a book now." Anyone looking for inspiration and marvel at human achievement could do well to place an order for that gem right now.

The beautiful Koh Dam Group of islands is just one of the destinations of the inaugural Multihull Solutions Phuket Rally. - photo © Kate Elkington
The beautiful Koh Dam Group of islands is just one of the destinations of the inaugural Multihull Solutions Phuket Rally. - photo © Kate Elkington

Today you will find that we have information for you about Multihull Solutions' rally in Phuket, a massive pumice 'raft' after undersea eruption, lifejackets, the Great Barrier Reef, Singapore to Sri Lanka, deck hardware with Karver, Saildrone goes around Antarctica, a coral nursery, gear from Raymarine, wind farms, ARC, Baltic Rally, hurricane preparation, whales, the Azores, as well as much more.

So you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top of the Sail-WorldCruising home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

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Jeanne Socrates is closing in on the record books
Jeanne Socrates is making her way back to British Columbia to complete her circumnavigation as the oldest person to sail solo nonstop around the world.

Ancasta showcases Lagoon Catamaran & Beneteau Oceanis ranges at Southampton International Boat Show
Ancasta is displaying the Beneteau Oceanis and Lagoon Catamaran ranges at this year's Southampton International Boat Show, taking place on the 13th – 22nd September.

West System epoxy used in building an 18th century Gajeta - Part 8
In our latest instalment of the building of a replica of an 18th century Croatian Gajeta, ‘Lipa Moja' becomes the sum of her parts. Many hours of craftsmanship have resulted in a beautiful vessel that is ready to race.

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World Cruising Club's Ocean Sailing Forum
This two hour moderated panel discussion, run in association with Yachting World magazine, is designed to be an informative introduction to offshore cruising and will cover topics like preparing your boat, selecting equipment, sail handling

NOAA awards $2.7 million in grants for marine debris removal and research
NOAA today announced a total of $2.7 million in grants supporting 14 projects to address the harmful effects of marine debris on wildlife, navigation safety, economic activity, and ecosystem health.

Singapore to Sri Lanka: Consumerism, Opulence and Sumatras
In the last article from Memories of a Circumnavigation, Hugh and Heather explored the Java Sea and had some amazing encounters with orangutans.

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Yacht designer Don Pye passes away
The flag atop the West Mersea Yacht Club was at half-mast this week noting the passing of yacht designer Don Pye who, following a heart attack, passed away on 20th August aged 93.

World ARC presentation and lunch
Come and meet the World Cruising Club team for lunch and a chat about the World ARC rally at a special presentation held alongside the Southampton Boat Show.

MS Amlin Yacht - Episode 6 of '80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston' - My Greatest Fear
With Sir Robin Knox-Johnston having undertaken multiple voyages around the world, what is his greatest fear at sea?

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Baltic Rally wrap up at the end of a superb cruise
Difficult to believe that 45 days ago a group of strangers with 15 yachts between them, ranging from 40-75 feet in length, all gathered in Rostock, Germany to start out on their Baltic adventure.

Who else wants to protect their boat from hurricane damage?
If you want to know how to best protect recreational boats from damage in a hurricane, ask the experts who've been tasked with cleaning up the mess for nearly 40 years.

How to burst bubbles in epoxy - Entropy Resins
If you're finding that you've got bubbles when pouring clear casting epoxy here are some simple techniques to help resolve the problem.

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See the Caribbean, differently with Sunsail
Explore the deserted coves and lush rain forests of Antigua. Loved by sailors, for its steady trade winds, safe harbours and beauty, choose to sail the calmer Caribbean Sea, or head North East for the wilder, more challenging Atlantic ocean.

Make your yachting dreams a reality
With new fleet options and over 20 destinations to choose from, make your yachting dreams a reality at the Southampton International Boat Show by joining Sunsail Ownership or The Moorings Yacht Ownership Programme.

Saildrone completes first autonomous circumnavigation of Antarctica
A seven-meter (23-foot) long, wind-powered unmanned surface vehicle (USV) called a saildrone has become the first unmanned system to circumnavigate Antarctica.

Fountaine Pajot's new 45 sailing catamaran
The latest sailing catamaran from the Fountaine Pajot shipyard, the new 45, is being prepared for her official launch at the Cannes Yachting Festival next month.

Trinity House RYA Yachtmaster Scholarship - one year on
One year on, the scholarship has seen grants awarded to eight deserving individuals, aiding career progression through opportunities for further training.

Introducing great new offers from Musto and Helly Hansen exclusively for RYA members
The RYA is delighted to welcome back Musto as a Member Reward Partner, as well as introducing new partner, Helly Hansen, both offering exclusive discounts to RYA members.

Borrow A Boat headline sponsor for Southampton International Boat Show 2019
The UK's leading and fastest growing boat charter platform Borrow A Boat will be the lead sponsor at this September's Southampton International Boat Show - the UK's largest boat show.

Make 2019 count - Travel
So one thing us sailors love is to travel - open meetings, regattas, even the club we belong to might not be on our doorstep. How can we continue to enjoy our sport but make our participation more sustainable at the same time?

Sailing Holidays Ltd at the Southampton International Boat Show 2019 - ticket offer code!
We're excited to be exhibiting at the Southampton Boat Show again this September! We know that many of the sailors amongst you will have already managed to get out on the water by the time the show rolls around, but we'll still have our late season deals.

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