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Cape Horn - long way to go and they say most of the time it is like this or worse... - photo © Lisa Blair

Dear Recipient Name

Even if that means having to take in some of the worst. Yes, she certainly knows a lot about the ecstasy of it all, and certainly the agony that goes with it. She has been a really good pal to us all here at Sail-World over the years, calling in and writing to us when frozen, sleep deprived, hanging around waiting for the breeze to kick in, and during all manner of maritime scenarios. She is of course the inimitable and always smiling, Lisa Blair.

Apologies quickly too for making this a decidedly Southern Hemisphere kind of editorial, but when she called to announce her series of Master Classes to be run around Australia over the next little while, well we could not resist. As a true adventurer she is always needing to raise funds for either the adventure she is currently on, or the one that is about to follow.

The best aspect is that this time you can be a part of a small, 15-person type gathering that can hear straight from Lisa all the best ways to set up, and undertake your own nautical soirées. There is a definitive Q&A style aspect to it all as well, so for just AUD295 for the whole day, it falls pretty much into the no-brainer category.

Taking off on her brilliant Round Australia achievement... - photo © Lisa Blair
Taking off on her brilliant Round Australia achievement... - photo © Lisa Blair

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Blair commented, "I am so excited to be able to share this Offshore Masterclass with the sailing community. It is most definitely not your average course, and I won't be covering things that you might find in a safety and sea survival course, or a yacht masters course. Instead, I will be covering all the extra things that are not normally reviewed and discussed."

You know resilience is a word bandied around a lot, but when I spoke with Lisa during the ill-fated Round Antarctica voyage, I got to find out exactly what it meant to her. If you are planning long coastal voyages, or venturing farther ashore, then given that the sea is a harsh mistress, you're bound to find your own times of stress and anxiety. Having Lisa's words in your own mind at those times is bound to be helpful, insightful, and quite possibly very much stress relieving. You can see the kinds of things she has survived in this 60 second video.

"I'll be offering up my lessons learned, and what I found to work, or not work for me with offshore preparation. We'll be going through subjects like food preparation, through to communications, risk assessment, disaster management, and sleep deprivation."

Exhausted after a storm during the Round Antarctica saga - photo © Lisa Blair
Exhausted after a storm during the Round Antarctica saga - photo © Lisa Blair

Nothing can replace miles and experience, but education is critical to the whole equation. Yes a Master's ticket or similar is fantastic, and you may have even been on something like the Pacific Sailing School RYA training course, like the five-day competent skipper catamaran-based education. Lisa recently finished running yet another of these, and Pacific Sailing School's Principal, Terry Wise, had this comment about Lisa, "So glad to have Lisa as one of our RYA Instructors here at the school. Her wealth of knowledge gives our students such a unique perspective."

"Lisa's very much renowned, enthusiastic approach, as well as her recent experiences in sailing around Antarctica and Australia, make her one of our most valued instructors. Many of our students who have completed one of our five-day RYA Day Skipper, or Coastal course with her, as well."

The change in profile by adding the new gunwale to the quarters of the Seawind 1260 has really freshened it up. - photo © John Curnow
The change in profile by adding the new gunwale to the quarters of the Seawind 1260 has really freshened it up. - photo © John Curnow

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"We are able to offer the option of either a Beneteau 38 monohull, or as a result of our association with Multihull Central, our new catamaran course aboard a Seawind 1160 or 1260. The latter have attracted a completely new market."

"As a result, students now have the ability to experience different vessels and handling experiences, and as a result of Lisa's unique talents, she is able to bring out the best in both students and vessels. Lisa has the added advantage of also holding a Bachelor of Education. As a trained teacher, Lisa is able to simplify complex scenarios, and make them easily understood."

"I was excited to be asked by Lisa for our support and to collaborate with her on the delivery of her Masterclass program around Australia. Lisa is also working with Sistership for a greater opportunity to reach and support more women in sailing."

Long days and even longer miles at sea, alone... - photo © Lisa Blair
Long days and even longer miles at sea, alone... - photo © Lisa Blair

So attending Lisa's course will be a bit like getting your Doctorate, as it will give you that finite detail, and offer real-world solutions. She'll detail how her boat, Climate Action Now, a Hick 50, handled various things like different types of drogues. "For example, I find that parachute drogues have a tendency to pump, as they can pull clear of the waves, where as a series drogue applies equal pressure, but is harder to retrieve."

"We'll also look at other things like bolt cutters. Do they really work? I know that they didn't for me in the dark of night on a heaving deck, so what else can we use? What about heaving-to? Can it be done in a modern racing yacht through extreme conditions? The answer is yes, but the effects on the boat are different and some areas are still exposed to the waves. So if you come along to my course you will learn how this feels, and what you can do to keep yourself and your crew safe."

Not everyone is going to be able to get the chance to attend one of Lisa's Offshore Masterclasses, but if this has got you inspired to check out the material and dates, then please go right now! There is a detailed list of items to be covered, all the dates in July, with extra times and locales Australia wide being posted regularly. (Note to Lisa, maybe you can film it and do subscriber video a bit later?)

Coming into Cape Town under jury rig during the ill-fated round Antarctica mission. - photo © SV Delos.
Coming into Cape Town under jury rig during the ill-fated round Antarctica mission. - photo © SV Delos.

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"This is not your average sailing course, and my goal is to have you leave the room at the end feeling much more prepared to face the challenges at sea and overcome the unexpected. It is going to be fun and informative, but also full of open discussions so if you have questions or scenarios that you would like to open to the room, then I will be all ears!"

Speaking of which, one of the subjects is Comms, so if you're planning the see the Big Blue, then this one item alone could be worth it. I always enjoyed just how accessible Lisa was, so clearly she had the subject well covered.

Today you will find that we have information for you about the Energy in Blue with Nanni, the passing of the great Lowell North, Fiji, Portugal, Morocco, Harken show us how to maintain your traveller, Singapore, hailing a scÜber, B&G and Arctic whales, Whitsunday Holidays have a few last minute deals for Hamilton Island, plastic, Marine Auctions event under way, the gem that is Jeanne Socrates, Pantaenius show us how to take responsibility for your vessel, Superyacht awards, Multihull Central have the Seawind 1600 at SCIBS, Gams with the Seven Seas Cruising Association, cooking in the Caribbean, the Aleutian Islands, as well as much more.

52ft Seawind 1600 - photo © Multihull Central
52ft Seawind 1600 - photo © Multihull Central

So you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top of the Sail-WorldCruising home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

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Viareggio celebrates the launch of the year, the vintage yacht Tirrenia II sails again!
Like many vintage yachts still sailing, Tirrenia II has had many adventures over the course of her long life, but none of them has kept her from sailing and she has survived unaltered and quite original.

2019 World Oceans Day Matching Gift Challenge
You can participate in a World Oceans Day event or activity this year to help protect our oceans. It's up to each of us to help ensure that the ocean is healthy for future generations.

Definitive guide to flotilla sailing in the Greek Islands from
When you decide to set sail to the Greek Islands on a Sailing Holidays flotilla, one of the first questions we will ask (amongst others) is "where would you like to sail?". This guide should hopefully help set you on the right course...

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Panama progress into the Pacific
We were quite sure we would be over the 50-foot limit and received a pleasant surprise when we came in under it. This is quite a saving in dollars as there is a big jump in price over 50 feet.

B&G releases new WS700 vertical wind sensor
B&G, global leader in the design and manufacture of sailing electronics, has released a new vertical wind sensor designed for race yachts and larger cruising yachts. The instrument is mounted on a spar that elevates it above sail-plan disturbances.

View the new First Yacht 53 from Beneteau: Limited Access VIP Event on Saturday 15th June
Limited VIP appointments are available for a personal viewing of the New First Yacht 53 from Beneteau.

North Sails 2019 - Helix - 600x500   Sailing Holidays 2019 - MPU
Nanni = Power
At the recent Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, and it was good to learn from Django Fontaine about the French manufacturer, Nanni, and it's extensive product range.

Flotilla escapes with Sunsail
Let our flotilla lead crew be your perfect companion in the Med this summer. Whether you're looking to gain confidence at the helm in Dubrovnik, or simply want to enjoy social sailing in Lefkas, you're bound to find adventure at every turn.

Remembering Lowell North
Lowell North, founder of North Sails, has passed away. Nicknamed "The Pope" by his peers, Lowell began his sailmaking career at the age of 14 when his father purchased a Star with cotton sails.

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Who else wants money to improve boating in the USA?
Begun over 25 years ago and one of the longest-running boating community grant programs, the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water Grassroots Grant program provides local groups up to $10,000 to help educate boaters.

25th edition of ARC Portugal sets sail
Heading out into a cloudy Plymouth Sound on Sunday 2 June, seventeen boats began their three week adventure sailing to the sunny Algarve with World Cruising Club's annual sailing rally ARC Portugal.

Five Maine Islands to visit this summer
Island day-trips and getaways can be ideal escapes because they often require an extra boost of effort. It's not simply a matter of putting in a few hours on the interstate.

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Seven Seas Cruising Association announces 2019 U.S. East Coast Gams
SSCA announces three Gams in 2019 for those who are interested in living aboard their sail or power vessel and cruising to distant ports. Founded in 1953 by six liveaboard couples in California and now with members worldwide

ARC Portugal 2019 sets sail from Plymouth
Heading out into a cloudy Plymouth Sound this morning, seventeen boats have now begun their three week adventure sailing to sunny southern Portugal. This morning, the docks of Mayflower Marina were buzzing with anticipation

SV Red Roo: Morocco to Spain via Australia
It was well and truly time to get back on the water and after spending winter, a wonderful 3 months in Morocco, followed by an unplanned 6 week trip back to Australia our scheduled January departure for our 2019 sailing adventures into the Mediterranean

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Tips from the Professionals - Preparing teak strips for bonding
Here's a tip for preparing a teak plank for a small-scale project such as a cockpit table. It could work just as well on a complete deck. Mark at Aquamarine Ltd uses it whenever he wants to bond teak to a substrate (no screws).

ARC Europe: Farewell Horta!
ARC Europe's time in Horta came to its grand finale at the Azorina Centre as the prizes were awarded for the 2nd leg of multistage Atlantic Crossing.

The ultimate sailing haven with Sunsail
Calling out all paradise-hunters, the Caribbean serves up some of the world's most colourful coastlines, coral-fringed beaches and tropical marine life.

NOAA predictions released for the 2019 hurricane season
As the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season officially gets under way June 1, NOAA forecasters say that El Nino and a warmer-than-average Atlantic will shape this season's storm frequency and intensity.

Corsair 880 trimaran Development Update 2
The beams of the 880 (or any folding trimaran) are under extremely high loads. Quite often, under loaded conditions the load on the beams will be 3 – 5x the total boat weight.

Meet the family that sails around the world with strangers
We have all dreamed of quitting our job to travel the world. Pascal and Mireille Bouget did it, with a little bit of help from Click&Boat, the world's leading boat hire platform.

Making a Mouse Boat with the charity Oarsome Chance
Wessex Resins and Adhesives is a proud sponsor of the charity Oarsome Chance, where disadvantaged and school-excluded young adults learn how to build and repair boats and use them on the water. Instructor Nick Hart describes the making of a 'Mouse Boat'.

B&G is technical supplier of the Arctic Whale Project
B&G, the global leader in design and manufacturing of sailing electronics, announces its collaboration with the Arctic Whale project, which aim is to research and broadcast the effects of marine plastic pollution on the ocean

The Dockline Switch: How Marlow's Blue Ocean Initiative helps you rig responsibly
Every week we are seeing the impact from the harm we are doing to our oceans, yet equally every week we are now seeing new innovations and initiatives that are helping to minimise or prevent the impact.

The Western Caribbean Cookbook
What do you get when you mix a rally of Ocean Cruising Club members, their boats, and the waters of the Western Caribbean? Well, a cookbook of course!

Raising the bar with Entropy Resins
James Case has been a member of Wells Sailing Club since he was a child. "It's always had the same bar," he says, "but when the club decided to do a major refit, we decided to make a new bar with a nautical theme."

World ARC 2021 - Entries are now open
Are you dreaming of tropical islands and faraway places? Are you wondering what to do after the ARC? Looking for a safe, supported and social experience cruising the world's oceans?

S/V Nereida sails around the world - Day 231: Very nearly there!
Midday Wednesday - Seas have got quite big again - a good 5-6 m and rolling us around a lot now. Sky looking very grey and rain is looking possible.

Taking responsibility for your craft
Let's distil it all down. If you go to the pure essence, you'll find that unless there is marked change in attitude, and if there are more natural disasters in quick succession, then no one will be able to get marine cover.

MS Amlin Yacht release Episode 3 of '80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston' - Safety at Sea
Staying safe at sea is always a hot topic and with the boating season under way, now is the perfect time to check your safety equipment. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston shares his thoughts on safety at sea as he chats with Dee Caffari.

Avoid expensive mistakes with your rigging with Rigit: Rigging specialists for the Solent & beyond
Whether you're racing or cruising, the combination of the boat's mast, boom, standing and running rigging together with the deck hardware systems and the sails need to work in an efficient manner to give you the optimum performance and fastest speeds.

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