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PredictWind GPS Tracking pages now even better

by Predictwind 2 Oct 2019 10:22 UTC 2 October 2019
PredictWind GPS Tracking pages now even better ©

The popular PredictWind GPS Tracking pages just got even better. PredictWind creates an individual web page for each vessel which displays the GPS track of your offshore adventures for family, friends and followers to see where you are and be part of your journey.

Along with allowing others to be part of your journey a powerful benefit of a custom GPS tracking page is safety. Using an Iridium GO! device, the GPS tracking page is automatically updated every hour, showing your position, track, boat speed and heading. Friends and family can regularly check you are making good progress to your destination, and all is well onboard!

Weather or satellite view

The latest weather forecast for your boat can be overlaid on the tracking page so friends and family can see what conditions you are experiencing. Select from the 4 PredictWind weather models PWG - PWE - GFS - ECMWF and your favourite weather display format. You can also switch to the Google Satellite view and zoom in on the nights anchorage.

Share your story

Now you can post photos and comments along your track. Just like using a diary or basic blog, friends and family can see what is happening on your adventure by simply looking at your GPS tracking page. Your photos and comments related to your track can be added on the PredictWind website, PredictWind App, or even whilst offshore using the Offshore App.

Group tracking

Now you can search and find other boats and follow their GPS tracks. You can also have a Friend group or Rally group. The shared tracks are displayed on your Offshore App/PredictWind App so whilst offshore you can check on other boats progress and comments, creating an at sea network for safety and camaraderie.

Track from more satellite devices

The Iridium GO is the most versatile and economic satellite equipment for email/weather but also supports free unlimited SMS messages for GPS tracking on the Plus/Unlimited plans. We think automated tracking is vital for safety and ease of use. However, if you do not have an Iridium GO! we also support other devices for manual tracking such as Iridium Phones, and manually sending GPS tracking updates via email.

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