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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Two pictures from the Azores

by Capt. Tom Wikman 17 May 14:01 UTC
Group picture © Ocean Cruising Club

To my sailor brethren, I'd like to share two pictures. Here's a little bit of history... About the group picture.

In Horta, Azores, in July, all landed sailors were required to be tested for Covid to go ashore. That is if you wanted to go ashore. It did not matter if you sailed for five or 50 days, a test was a compulsory roadblock to visit the island. Been notified by the Café Sport dinghy of our 10 am rendezvous, we dutifully dinghied to the covid designated dock. Escorted by police officers, procession like, we meandered to the local gymnasium, the testing area. The following day results received (we were negative), we were free to roam the island. Airports closed, we were isolated, virus-negative, and free!!!!!

The island of Terceira makes for a great jumping stop to sail to Europe. We and a few of our Horta sailing friends arrived and decided to get together. All being Covid negative, we were safe. A few words and we planned our gathering in the midst of a 50-knot storm passing through. We were wet, wind beaten and happy. We are sailors. We are together on an island having the best time of our lives. Great wines and company, we exchange stories, drinks, hugs and embraces. Not to say, shots of the local aguardiente. Whitecaps cover the bay, anchor snubbers holding, we are ashore. And together.

The cacophony of countries represented in our gathering was eclectic. American, Dutch, Portuguese, Belgium, New Zealand, and after a few shots of aguardiente, I can't remember. All in all, it was a "happy hour" gathering to remember.

About the Barnacles

We spend thousands of dollars removing barnacles from the bottom of our boat. In Azores, "Cracas" is the name of steamed local barnacles. Hopefully, without anti-fouling paint. We had the pleasure of ordering them at restaurants. Tasted like high-end crabs, soft, juicy and exquisite. A great revenge on the critters that so much expense cause me. You take the fork, extract the critter and eat it. Yum...

Just wanted to share...

Capt. Tom Wikman

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