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Antal Roller Cleat - A Sleek Solution for Mooring

by Kerri Robson 19 Aug 08:00 UTC
Antal Roller Cleat – A Sleek Solution for Mooring © Antal

Italian manufacturer Antal produce a lot of cool products that we find are hugely popular on From their blocks to their winches, Antal products seem to strike the perfect balance between cost, quality and innovation.

The Antal Roller Cleat is no different. Despite mooring cleats being a typically mundane topic, Antal's redesign of the marine cleat offers a sleek and sexy solution for a common problem facing racer cruisers and cruising boats.

What's the problem?

Away from the dock, the forwards mooring cleats can often be obtrusive, liable to catching working lines, particularly when flying a spinnaker due to the spinnaker guys running forwards round the front of the forestay.

To combat this, some racer cruisers choose to use yacht cleat covers. However, these naff bits of plastic often look unsightly and frequently get lost or damaged.

What's the solution?

The Antal Roller Cleat is a neat, compact solution. Featuring two rotating 'horns', the lightweight folding cleat can be easily opened or closed with a touch of your hand.

When the cleat is open - and the horns are up - you can easily tie or remove the mooring line. The Antal Roller Cleat is excellent at holding an eye, and although in the beginning some sailors have found it tricky to tie hitches onto the horns, this is something they have quickly adjusted to.

When the cleat is closed - and the horns are down - the cleat prevents other working lines (or toes!) from getting caught.

Features & Benefits

Close Under Load : Unlike other retractable mooring cleats on the market, the Antal Roller Cleat can be closed with the mooring line on and under load, adding extra security when mooring at the dock.

Extra Footrest : As the horns can only rotate inward, the Antal Roller Cleat can be safely used as an additional footrest onboard.

Less Damage to Mooring Lines : Unlike wing-style cleats, the Antal Roller Cleat is designed to be perfectly rounded with no sharp corners, in order to cause less damage to mooring lines.

Easy Installation : Installing the Antal Roller Cleat isn't difficult or expensive like other pop-up cleats. No custom-made deck location is required - installation requires screws and washers, which are provided.

The Antal Roller Cleat is available in hard black anodised or silver and has been treated with anti-scratch and anti-corrosion finishings. It's available in four sizes: Small (36ft), Medium (46ft), Large (58ft) and Extra-Large (70ft).

If you have any questions about the Antal Roller Cleat, then please do not hesitate to contact us at . Otherwise, get more detailed information on the Antal Roller Cleat range go to Shop Antal Roller Cleat.

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