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WaterBear - A free new streaming service

by Daria Blackwell 25 Sep 2022 03:27 UTC
WaterBear - a free new streaming service © Daria Blackwell

WaterBear, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Watch award-winning films and documentaries anytime, anywhere.

WaterBear provides access to award-winning and inspirational content that empowers members to dive deeper, learn more and take action, whatever you feel passionately about in the world of climate, biodiversity, sustainability, community, diversity and more.

It was started by three partners -- Nikon, 5 Media and Jack Wolfskin -- and now has the support of more than 100 NGOs and eco-conscious brands. Connect directly with over 80 organisations on a mission to save our planet. Explore content from these organisations and discover more about their work in the field. Never before has this collection of leading organisations teamed up to create a coalition of this kind.

WaterBear maintains a strong sustainability ethos. They have robust internal policies to minimise waste and conserve energy. Streaming video content online, at scale, can be incredibly energy intensive. However, WaterBear videos are streamed through Vimeo, which uses Akamai for their content delivery. Akamai uses renewable energy wherever possible.

WaterBear is available to stream on mobile, tablet, PC or TV. You need to create an account which is very easy, but all services are free. It's a wonderful platform for children to learn about the natural world around them. Not surprisingly, much of the content is about the oceans and their inhabitants.

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This article has been provided by the courtesy of Ocean Cruising Club.

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