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Sailing for change - Our commitments for the future

by Lagoon 20 Oct 2022 14:36 UTC
Lagoon 51 © Lagoon Catamarans

The history of Lagoon is intimately linked to its marine environment and the BENETEAU Group is committed every day to preserving it.

In recent years, we have taken a big step forward in terms of sustainability in order to offer catamarans that are ever more respectful of the environment.

The story of Lagoon is intimately tied to our marine environment, and the Beneteau Group is committed every day to preserving it. In recent years we have taken a big step forward in terms of sustainability in order to offer catamarans that are ever more respectful of the environment.

Recognized environmental certification

Our production sites in Belleville-sur-Vie and Le Poiré-sur-Vie, in France's Vendée region, are certified ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, internationally recognized standards for quality, environmental management and energy performance. The Bordeaux site is due to be officially certified in 2023, and this will enable Lagoon production to be part of a more virtuous and sustainable construction model.

Sustainable raw materials

The new Lagoon 51, like all future Lagoon models, has been designed to meet the requirements of a new generation of owners. We have conceived an elegant, comfortable, and innovatively designed catamaran. Our woodwork comes from FSC-certified forests and the upholstery is made entirely from recycled materials.

As for the composites, our R&D department continues to work on improvements to use environmentally friendly raw materials, while keeping the quality and reliability of our boats as a priority. The structures of the deck and hulls are built using vacuum infusion, a process that guarantees weight savings, better quality of the composite, and allows us to reduce our environmental impact.

As soon as we can, we'll start replacing glass fiber with all-natural hemp fiber. Our technological advances in resin and fiber are particularly promising and will be increasingly seen on future Lagoon models.

Eco-responsible solutions on board

Our goal is to help our customers do the right thing, whether under way or at anchor. From water treatment to the use of energy on board, there are multiple areas for development.

The XXL-sized solar panels integrated on the coachroof of the new Lagoon 51 delivering almost 3,000 Watts of energy for the onboard service needs; or the 100% ecological and biodegradable boat maintenance kits supplied with each Lagoon delivered, are proof of this.

Hybrid propulsion: significant investment in research and development

As pioneers in the field, with the launch of the Lagoon 420 Hybrid back in 2006, our Research and Development department is continuing its work to find THE right solution, which will allow us to offer electric propulsion on our boats, without impacting their capacity to cruise all around the world. A solution that is reliable, industrializable, sustainable and affordable.

Several alternatives are continuing to be co-developed and tested, with very strong ambition, rising to meet the challenge.

The Lagoon 51, a catamaran that respects its environment

The Lagoon teams have reinvented themselves to meet the demands of the new generation of owners and to minimize the impact of the Lagoon 51 on its environment.

Thanks to sustainable solutions and eco-responsible innovations, the Lagoon 51 is a boat that will preserve your dream destinations.

XXL solar panels

The Lagoon 51 offers the option of XXL-sized solar panels on the coachroof that integrate perfectly into the lines of the catamaran. Thanks to this technology, the boat benefits from more than 2 700 W of power for operating the service features on board.

Responsible production

With woodwork from FSC certified forests through to upholstery made entirely of recycled materials, our teams have created an elegant, comfortable and innovative catamaran.

Step aboard the Lagoon 51

Lagoon is supporting sustainable initiatives

Escape to Nature

Escape to Nature, expert cinematographers, are setting sail in 2023 aboard a Lagoon 55 bound for some of the most remote parts of the Pacific.

Their mission: to highlight the richness of the underwater world and the importance of preserving it.


AnimaMundi, in collaboration with the IUCN, is seeking to create the first complete database of plastic waste spread in coastal areas. Lagoon is supporting this initiative with the help of its numerous Club Lagoon owners sailing on the seven seas of the world.

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