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Windelo launches Windelo 54 Adventure

by Windelo 9 Nov 2022 10:29 UTC
Windelo 54 Adventure © Windelo

Windelo extended its range once again with the launch of the first Windelo 54 Adventure called B Cube.

This new eco-friendly catamaran will welcome her new owners in a few days before setting off for an Atlantic crossing, and then sailing up to Canada to her home port.

The 54 Adventure will be the first Windelo fitted out as an owner version. To port, the owner float resembles a master suite with a large aft cabin, a very generous walk-through closet, and a companionway desk space. The forward peak has been fitted out with a large head including a remarkably spacious shower and, again, lots of storage space. For the nacelle, B Cube's owners have opted for a large U-shaped galley and two glass doors between the cockpit and the saloon. We cannot wait to share pictures of the interior with you.

Like all the Windelos, B Cube has two 20 kW electric engines, lifting propellers with which to hydrogenerate under sail and recharge the 1120 Ah battery bank. It can also rely on 3300 W solar panels to recharge at sea, at the harbor, or at anchor. These two green energy sources give it a nearly 4-hour cruising range in full electric mode and up to 1100 nautical miles with the generator.

A few weeks ago, Victoria and Rico from the NautiStyles channel joined us aboard Zig Zag, a Windelo 54 Yachting. An opportunity for you to (re)explore the Windelo 54 Yachting through their eyes and hear their view.

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