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Launch of the New Windelo 50 & Windelo 54

by Windelo 28 Jan 2023 20:45 UTC
New Windelo 54 © Julie Rosiere

As emphasized in Multihulls World magazine, nowadays 8 buyers out of 10 raise the subject of ecology and eco-friendliness when discussing buying a boat, particularly in relation to engine power.

Since the beginning, Windelo is a highly innovative brand when it comes to eco-friendly sailing. Since the first boat show we took part in, our catamarans have been given a warm welcome and today our order book extended until 2025. Whether through our eco-friendly composite, electric engine and production of green energy, or through the way in which living spaces are divided up aboard (nacelle and single level terrace, forward cockpit at the foot of the mast) and their interior-exterior modularity, in a way, Windelo catamarans have changed the long-distance cruising catamaran market.

In partnership with our architects, Christophe Barreau and Frédéric Neuman, and our design studio Ladida Design run by Charlotte Schiffer, we wanted to give our catamarans a new identity to strengthen their character and give them a more contemporary look, while keeping the features that differentiate them, and which currently make Windelo such a success.

By making important changes to the deck, superstructures and coachroofs, as well as by remodeling the layout, all the Windelo models have made a big move upmarket. We are delighted to unveil the New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54. The redesign of the Windelo 50 and Windelo 54 involved working on two key areas:

  • Quality and aesthetics of the interior and exterior design.
  • Production engineering and the perceived quality of the composite construction.
All our models (50 Adventure, Yachting, Sport - 54 Adventure, Yachting and Sport) will benefit from the upgrade of the New Windelo 50 and 54.

What the Architect and the Designer Have To Say

The Windelo catamarans' architects, Christophe BARREAU and Frédéric NEUMAN, have been heavily involved in the redesign of the New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54. For both of them, who love seaworthy ocean-going catamarans, two concepts were important in designing these New Windelo 50 and 54: modernizing the Windelos and giving them a more dynamic profile, while keeping the core features of the brand.

Christophe BARREAU & Frédéric NEUMAN, architects

"With the success of the first Windelo 50 and 54 catamarans, we are investing considerably in large-sized detailed molds. Naturally, these will improve production output, required by a growing order book, but they have also opened up new design perspective thanks to the freedom of shapes this development allows. The work of the talented designer Charlotte Schiffer, supporting our work, upgrades the boats' level of comfort considerably. Her contribution can be seen in the smallest details of the new decks and coachroofs, improving the silhouette dynamics, without making any compromises at all, of course, with regard to the original features: light, all-round view, and spatial continuity, which have made the Windelo 50 and 54 so popular.

On top of these design qualities, the development of these molded parts has considerably improved the finish of the composite, underpinning the efforts already made by the boatyard with regard to the design and finish of the living space furniture, and confirming a levelling up in terms of luxury, by emphasizing the innovative positioning and established performance of the Windelo 50 and 54."

A Design That Reflects Windelo's Values
(Innovation - Performance - Confort - Ecologie)

As Olivier told: "For us, Windelo was the desire to experience something new, innovative, high-performing, bigger than ourselves, and because we felt it was important to do our utmost to make the ecological transition a reality. That is why we went looking for innovations in eco-friendly materials, industrialization techniques, and sailing uses, while spurring on this new economic reality.

And today, the design of the New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54 is what we wanted to translate.

Innovation: Underscoring Windelo Innovations Through Design

When we talk about Windelo innovations, our thoughts quickly turn towards ecology (with the electric engine, energy range thanks to green energy sources and our basalt fiber and PET foam eco-composite) and the way in which the spaces are managed (forward cockpit, interior/exterior modularity of the nacelle, aft terrace, etc.)

So, it was obvious to us that they needed to be emphasised in the design of the New Windelo 50 and 54.

And this is what we did. We improved the coherence of the New Windelo 50's and 54's hull sides, top (decks, nacelles, coachroof) and interior design. We worked to give them a more striking dynamic appearance, and a stronger character, in keeping with the brand DNA and values.

The wave theme, historically visible on the sides of the Windelo, is now varied throughout the boat. Through its movement, this wave gives the catamaran a really energetic feel and also reflects the performance of Windelo catamarans. Being a strong feature of the marine environment, the wave also symbolizes the innovations developed by Windelo, with a view to a eco-friendly sailing (the electric engine, the production of green energy, and the eco-composite (basalt and PET)).

As we can see in this presentation, the Windelo wave has been subtly used to combine practicality and good looks. It is not just good for assembly and water run-off. It gives visual organization. By drawing your gaze to the horizon, this wave offers direction. It highlights the forces and values of the Windelo catamarans: performance, comfort, and innovation.

Features of the New Windelo 50 & 54

Design serving cruising range

To enhance the integration of solar panels, the New Windelo 50 and 54's coachroofs have also been given a wonderful aesthetic upgrade, with a play on raised areas and differences of levels highlighted by a design in the form of a wave.

The lengthening of the hardtop (by 50 cm on the New Windelo 54 and by 100 cm on the New Windelo 50) increase the solar panel capacity, and increasing the cruising range on green energy. The energy gain on the New Windelo 50 is therefore 27%.

Integration and design of the forward cockpit:

Coaming has been created around the nacelle to strengthen the forcefulness of the forward cockpit - a major innovation of the Windelo catamarans - and to visually integrate the cockpit resulting in greater overall coherence.

The ergonomics of the cockpit have also been redesigned based on two key areas:

  • The distribution of the deck organizer, with the line circuits simplified and the position of the steering wheels optimized.
  • The ergonomics of the seats, whose corners have been remodeled to provide greater depth.
Performance: a light, dynamic design

When we mention performance, we automatically think of speed, lightness and aerodynamics. As you already know, or have already observed during sea trials, Windelo catamarans sail at wind speed even in light air, thanks to the design of their hull and their perfectly controlled weight study (only 11.2 metric tons for 50 feet). And this is emphasized by the redesign of these New Windelo 50 and 54.

Curved, forceful and dynamic surfaces draw the eye, taking it from front to stern, following the acceleration of the services and the reflections.

These reflections give this catamaran direction and intention, making it more dynamic and energetic: directional purpose that speaks to the subconscious.

A Thoroughbred Profile Featuring Elegant Curves

To give the Windelo catamarans a more stylish look, the coachroof was lengthened and redesigned to make it more airy and light. The sharp edges of the coachroof have given way to attractive curves playing with differences in thickness creating a dynamic raised design. The new tilt of the windshield - in symmetry and contrast with the corner of the coachroof arch - accentuates the elegant and dynamic character of the boat, even when it's not moving.

To make the profile of the New Windelo 50 and 54 more elegant, coaming was created on deck reflecting the wave shape. It begins at the level of the sail-locker portholes and continues to the steps of the walkway. This coaming visually recesses the nacelle in the deck and conceals the glass door tracks giving it a cleaner line.

Deck features, such as the hatches, are flush and perfectly integrated, giving an impression of lightness while offering ergonomics and safety. The integration of the daggerboard has been redesigned to this effect. The daggerboard, which is positioned close to the coaming, is now flush thanks to a deck recess integrating the daggerboard housing and flushlifting gear.


Windelo catamarans are first and foremost ocean-cruising catamarans, suited to long-distance cruising and exploring distant horizons. For our owners, their Windelo is their main living space, where they hideaway, and they need as much comfort aboard as a long-distance cruiser can offer in between and on each sailing trip. We have paid the utmost attention to comfort and safety.

Safety of Decks Strengthened

Safety on board is essential when you are sailing. As you are aware, the cockpit on the Windelo is just aft of the mast and has two steering wheels protected from the wind and spray and a good view of the sails and the bows. All the running rigging is at your fingertips, so the need to move about on deck is limited.

However, we felt that it was important to provide even greater comfort when out on deck.

So, several raised areas were created, using the wave as a design theme. They considerably improve water run-off, leaving a dryer surface, while providing a better deck plan and improving general coherence with the boat design.

Every deck opening (deck hatches, lockers, service bay, etc.) also has its own carefully designed and visually well integrated water run-off. To improve the natural airflow of the New Windelo 50's and 54's floats, each cabin will have its own deck opening with a ventilator. All the opening hatches are flush, so that they integrate better visually, reducing risks, particularly barefoot on deck.

A completely new nonskid surface, with a more attractive texture of diamond shapes, is directly integrated in the mold for greater durability of the nonskid effect. Picking up the theme of the wave again and playing with different water run-offs, this nonskid surface adds style, elegance and safety to the deck of the New Windelo 50 and 54.

A Comfortable Welcoming Terrace

As Christophe BARREAU explained, one of the great strengths of the Windelo catamarans is their continuity of space. And remember, continuity of space means a terrace in the continuity of the nacelle. This terrace is extensive at anchor and it has been remodeled to make our sailors even more comfortable.

As we have already mentioned, the hardtop has been lengthened, resulting in a gain in solar capacity and greater style making the boat more slender, but also more comfortable.

The New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54 enjoy considerably larger sun and rain protection. The hardtop on the New Windelo 54 was already generous and very popular. We have increased it by 50 cm. On the New Windelo 50, the whole Terrace will now be protected by the hardtop, which has been extended by 110 cm.

The aft platform - which can be lifted under way to make the stern of the boat safe - is now more attractive and can be enjoyed all the more in the open and closed position. This new platform has been given a rounded shape echoing the hardtop.

The handling of the transom platforms has also been redesigned, making the stern even more comfortable and elegant. The angle and the rounding of the steps not only makes it easier to access from a tender, or after a swim, from a practical point of view, but also gives the boat a much warmer welcoming feel from the moment you step aboard.

The first step picks up on the dynamic of the boat's various curves and especially the corner of the coachroof and the aft platform.

Upgrade of the Build Quality


The redesign and move upmarket of the New Windelo 50 and 54 came with the development of our industrial processes, accentuating the build quality, particularly due to investment in new industrial tools. New molds were created reducing the number of parts by 7 (from 21 to 3 parts) requiring assembly. With connections and joints between parts disappearing, we will be able to considerably upgrade the visual quality of our eco-composite.

The integration of the nonskid surface in these molds is also a guarantee of greater production quality and durability.

Interior fittings

We wanted to make the interior fittings more consistent with the exterior and Windelo's values.

Based on a construction method favoring the lightness and therefore the performance of our catamarans, a defining principle of Windelo, the design upgrade was also applied to the interiors of our boats. Varieties of the wave theme can be found both inside and out.

By playing with depth and contrast, the interior design of the New Windelo 50 and 54 is minimalist and lightweight, and the accent is placed on the surroundings and natural light. Shadow gaps, using the wave shape have been integrated in the ceilings and bulkheads. By capturing natural light reflections, they add vitality and highlight the generous amount of space specific to the Windelo catamarans.

In addition, customers are offered new harmonies, adding a modern touch to our boat interiors, giving them character and a feeling of luxury in cozy, happy, bright surroundings, encouraging you to travel.

Windelo's has also achieved its move upmarket through the perceived quality and comfort of the interior fittings, through the materials used, and a style that is fully coherent with the exterior.

Loyal to our values, the materials and equipment we use are eco-friendly and favor the weight study, particularly the PET foam core of our interior layout.

Price Positioning

You have known Windelo since it was founded, along with our research and development phase. The first Windelo 50 Adventure was shown to customers at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival. Since then, Windelo catamarans have made inroads in their market and have proven very popular.

The story of Windelo is written in orders and boat shows, of course, but above all in our customers' projects, such as a tour of the Atlantic returning by the North, many charters to the Hyères, Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, change of life... Our existing customers and our prospects are increasingly enthusiastic about these past or future projects, as well as the progress of the yard in design, build, business relationships and services.

It is in this context, that our orderbook quickly filled to 2025, a timeframe that fits the current market trend. The creation of new large-sized molds has also helped us improve productivity. We are delighted to be able to add production launches, available in 2023, and 2024 to offer even more deliveries in 2025.

The New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54 will therefore be marketed at:

  • € 995,000 for a Windelo 50 version Adventure
  • € 1,075,000 for a Windelo 50 version Yachting
  • € 1,095,000 for a Windelo 50 version Sport
  • € 1,290,000 for a Windelo 54 version Adventure
  • € 1,375,000 for a Windelo 54 version Yachting
  • € 1,395,000 for a Windelo 54 version Sport
The New Windelo 50 and New Windelo 54 are already being shown to customers, whose Windelo delivery is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2023. We are delighted to see how enthusiastic our customers are about these new boats and can already confirm that the boat's new lines are highly popular. We have also decided to offer an upgrade to a New Windelo 50 and 54 on option, and we already have 6 New Windelo 50 orders and 4 New Windelo 54 orders signed.

In September 2023, you will be able to see the New Windelo 50 Yachting, which will be world premiered at the Cannes Yachting Festival, then the Windelo 54 Yachting at the 2024 La Grande Motte International Multihull Show.

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