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Do you know your rig limits?

by Cyclops Marine 5 Dec 2022 12:07 UTC
Do you know your rig limits? © Cyclops Marine

Avoid rig failure and sail safely & efficiently with new smart device.

Modern cruising multihulls are now optimised to perform at high levels whilst delivering space and luxury on board. Being so well designed for efficient & comfortable sailing brings huge benefits to the sailor, but as they heel much less than monohulls, rig loads can escalate without tell-tale signs, running the risk of boat and equipment damage.

Overloading your rig can also lead to dangerous accidents and leave you stranded. In response to overwhelming demand for a plug-and-play solution that monitors loads for safer multihull sailing, pioneers in load sensing for yachts, Cyclops Marine have extended their range with the release of smarttune 7/8".

Ideally suited to multihulls in the 40-50ft range, leading brands such as Nautitech, Balance, and Privilege Catamarans have jumped at the opportunity to offer the new device to their clients as an optional upgrade.

Easily swapping for your existing turnbuckle, smarttune 7/8" empowers you with key loads displayed on your boat instruments and smartphone - making it easy to monitor safety and prevent accidents. The solution bumps up the size and capabilities of Cyclops' flagship standing rigging sensor, to offer safety, efficiency and performance to cruising multihulls, and monohull racer-cruisers.


Simple installation to each cap shroud gives real time load information to the sailor and a second by second warning when to take action to keep the boat safe.

Green, Amber, Red

Loads are communicated via Bluetooth from the sensors to your onboard displays and smartphone or tablet.

Data can now be displayed in multiple formats - either as raw numbers on screen, or as an intuitive warning system which displays data within a dial in green, amber or red to indicate safety level. All data is also logged for later viewing and analysis.

Efficiency & Easy Sailing

Monitoring your loads also allows you to set up to an efficient setting and stay there, for easier, more comfortable passages. Just set yourself up for the conditions and keep an eye on the numbers/colours being displayed. Hit the same numbers time and time again for ease and control.


Cyclops have popularised load sensing at every level of racing, having delivered high-performance sensing solutions to everyone from America's Cup teams down to weekend dinghy sailors.

In the monohull racing world, smarttune is predominantly used on the forestay. Accurate knowledge of your load indicates your forestay sag, allowing you to adjust your sail to optimal shape and repeat and refine your fastest settings. This method is making Cyclops customers champions all over the world.

The latest model of smarttune brings these performance benefits to more sailors. Cyclops' smartlink sensor is already used to monitor soft rigging by some of the world's premier big boat racers, but this is the first time standing rigging sensors can be used up in the 50ft+ range.

The new sensor comes with upgraded electronics, including increased Bluetooth range and a battery life of over 12 months.

smarttune 7/8" gives you everything, empowering you to get whatever you want out of your yacht - nailing the perfect balance between performance, comfort, and safety.

Cyclops has a range of sensing solutions to fit almost any sailing boat, visit the website for more info or contact Cyclops to get your hands on the smarttune 7/8".


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