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Introducing the IP-M60, The World's First* LTE & VHF Marine Hybrid Transceiver

by Icom UK 17 May 06:08 UTC
IP-M60 Marine VHF/LTE Hybrid Radio schematic © Icom

Icom UK announces the launch of Icom's latest innovation, the IP-M60 Hybrid Marine VHF/LTE radio. Designed to meet the evolving needs of maritime professionals, the IP-M60 combines the reliability of traditional VHF communications with the versatility of 4G LTE connectivity providing users with communication covering both land & at sea.

The IP-M60 integrates two modes of communication into one handheld device, VHF marine & 4G LTE. Marine VHF, commonly used for comms & maritime safety worldwide and land-based 4G LTE technology used to make calls over any distance within a cellular (4G LTE) coverage area. This means the IP-M60 can be used offshore, in ports, on rivers, in container ports, harbour authorities and anywhere maritime and business communications are required. It can also be used in situations such as rescue boats that need to co-ordinate with search & rescue agencies and in the operation of yacht regattas.

This cutting-edge device provides users with a robust communication solution for maritime operations. With dual-mode operation, users can operate VHF & LTE modes simultaneously enabling them to monitor and communicate freely (using the main & sub-PTT) with both types of users with uninterrupted communication, even in remote or challenging environments.

The inclusion of LTE network connectivity provides long-range comms and allows contact with locations far away from the vessel. This feature enables mariners to communicate efficiently even when they are inland, far from the shore. (Coverage area depends on the network provider.)

Offering a compact and user-friendly design tailored to the demands of maritime environments, its rugged waterproof construction is built to withstand harsh conditions at sea ensuring reliable performance in any situation. Whether for routine communications or emergency situations, the IP-M60 delivers connectivity when it matters most.

The IP-M60 series is compatible with Icom UK's RMS-IP LTE radio dispatcher. Its built-in GPS automatically transmits positional data at programmed intervals, allowing a maritime organisation to monitor and communicate with its crew using IP-M60 radios.

The IP-M60 is just another way Icom delivers innovative communication solutions that meet the evolving needs of maritime professionals. This groundbreaking Marine VHF/LTE hybrid radio will provide a range of options and applications, provide a vital lifeline for those at sea and open up new possibilities for safety & efficiency in the maritime industry. The IP-M60 would be an excellent solution for shipping companies, port operations, Coastguard, rescue organisations, yacht racing organisers, super yacht owners or any commercial marine operation.

For more information about radio and its features, visit the IP-M60 Product Page on the Icom UK website.

To arrange a demo or details of your local Icom dealer, please get in touch with Icom UK at 01227 741741 or email our team at

*According to Icom research as of February 2024.

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