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Musto launch Flexlite Cooling range to help power the British Sailing Team to success this summer

by Musto 6 Jun 17:00 UTC
470 sailors Hannah Bristow and James Taylor from the UK wearing Flexlite Cooling long john and short sleeve top © Musto

This summer the British Sailing Team will be kitted out in Musto's new, state-of-the-art Flexlite Cooling range to help keep them cool as the competition heats up over the next few months.

The British Sailing Team is the most successful national Olympic sailing team of all time, winning 64 Olympic medals, including 31 golds, since sailing made its debut at the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896. The British Sailing Team, under the umbrella of the Royal Yachting Association, presided over by The Princess Royal, supports almost sixty elite athletes as they train and compete in regattas around the world.

"The Flexlite Cooling range is the latest line of products added to the Musto dinghy collection, state-of-the-art sailing clothing that will keep our athletes cool, dry, or warm - all depending on the conditions that face them on the day, allowing them to perform at their very best," said Nick Houchin, Musto Head of Marketing.

The Flexlite Cooling Long John is built for inshore performance in hot weather and warm waters. Flatlock seams and breathable mesh ventilation in strategic areas promote a comfortable yet unrestricted experience. The smooth 4-way stretch fabric has an actively cooling finish that keeps the body's temperature regulated during even the most active sailing manoeuvres. Fitted tight to the body, sailors are protected from too much sun exposure, with a UPF50 rating. Thin neoprene pads at the seat and knees with additional abrasion-resistant fabric support the product's longevity.

"The Flexlite Cooling products have become part of my go-to kit when I'm training or competing in warmer climates," said Saskia Tidey, 49erFX crew. "We spend so much time out on the water, it's really important to make sure we are protected from sun exposure. Both the long john and the top also help me to stay cool and comfortable, which means I can focus on my performance without any distractions."

Xylitol, found in chewing gum, is added to the nylon fabric to increase the cooling effect of the Flexlite Cooling range. When paired with either the Flexlite Cooling Long Sleeve Top or Short Sleeve made from UPF50 certified, the smooth 4-way stretch fabric is the perfect combination. Featuring a high collar, this sailing top is excellent for high intensity activity on warm water in hot sunny weather. Gussets under each arm with mesh ventilation and flatlock seams are added for breathability and comfort, whilst the actively cooling finish reduces body temperature and wicks away moisture.

John Gimson and Anna Burnet, silver medalists at Tokyo in 2020 competing in the foiling NACRA 17 class, will be donning the Musto Flexlite Cooling range including the Long John: "Working with Musto to develop specific kit for the NACRA 17 over the last few years has been great," said Burnet. "Musto has always taken interest and care with our feedback, and allowed us to fully focus on sailing."

Musto has been the British Sailing Team's clothing supplier of choice for the best part of two decades. The brand first partnered with the team in 2009 and, since renewing the partnership in 2017, Musto and the British Sailing Team have continued to combine their peerless knowledge and expertise to ensure athletes have access to high-performance sailing gear, providing them with the winning edge on the water. "Musto has been a pioneer in technical sailing clothing since its Olympic roots back in 1964 and 60 years on it's still at the top of its game," said Micky Beckett, ICLA 7 sailor.

When Keith Musto, founder of Britain's number one performance sailing apparel brand, competed in the Tokyo Games in 1964, on the world's largest sporting stage, the amateur playing field was a very different environment. "The team that went to Tokyo (in 1964) was very different to the team that went to Tokyo in 2020. The professionalism had no bearing on the very amateurish team that went to Tokyo in '64," said Keith.

Keith was competing in the Flying Dutchman dinghy class with crew Tony Morgan. They were deemed to be at a disadvantage because they were considered lightweight compared to their competitors: dousing their clothing with water made them heavier and more competitive. Their clothing was essentially shore-based gear - flannel trousers, Guernsey sweaters, canvas shoes, and none of it waterproof. "We wore sweaters which our wives knitted," said Keith. "They were very heavy sweaters and even heavier when you got them wet which you did on purpose before the start to give you more power for going upwind."

Keith and Tony won a silver medal, Britain's only sailing medal in 1964. From his experience at the 1964 Games, and the lack of proper sailing gear that could provide protection from the elements as well as freedom of movement, Keith embarked on a journey that led to the creation of the Musto performance clothing brand, still going strong sixty years later.

Full product information on the Flexlite Cooling Range, can be found here.

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