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Noble Marine 2022 SW - LEADERBOARD Newsletter: Totally incongruous (for a change)


Totally incongruous (for a change)

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AMEL 50 outdoor - photo © JS Evrard

Dear Recipient Name

It might seem somewhat bizarre. I had started by looking at some pics and information about Amel's European Yacht of the Year in the luxury cruiser category. This is their very smart looking, and still new 50, which is the baby of the range. Amel's have already sold something like fifteen of them. That is made even more impressive when you realise that the yard only creates around 30 vessels a year!

So how then did I get onto the utterly brilliant A-10 Warthog (aka Thunderbolt)? I'm not entirely sure, but watching a video where Senator McCain gave the USAF staffers a drilling over the imminent retirement of the aircraft was quite entertaining and also informative. They wanted to use B1Bs, as well as the mighty F-16 Falcon, for close in-air support, which is a role the A-10 has made all its own over the years.

AMEL 50 - Exterior render - photo © Amel /
AMEL 50 - Exterior render - photo © Amel /

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From there - and this is now where you'll see where I am going with all this - it came down to design ethos, and two of my favourite all time guidelines: fit for purpose, and form follows function. The B1B is huge and the unspoken motto for the F-16, which the USAF Thunderbirds used to use as their ride for their acrobatics, is 'One pass, haul a#@!', which pays homage to their inherent fragility.

And this is how I got to the Amel 50. It keeps all of the things that make an Amel, an Amel, but gave it a sexier form, that also performs really well. Commenting on how proud, honoured and grateful they were when they received the award, Emmanuel Poujeade, chief executive of the AMEL shipyards. "Above all, we are very happy for the whole team at the Amel Yard, because everybody has worked with a real commitment and much enthusiasm, and we hope that the success of the Amel 50 will keep on growing!"

AMEL 50 indoor - photo © JS Evrard
AMEL 50 indoor - photo © JS Evrard

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Tacking. Helm down. In The Smörgåsbord last week we featured the Seabin. The images were taken during a demonstration at Gold Coast City Marina, where Luke McCaul is the GM of Customer Experience & Property Management. Luke can be seen on the left of the image below.

Luke commented to me afterwards, "The plastic epidemic in the ocean is well discussed and here is a very direct, simple and effective way businesses operating in a marine environment can take part to address the problem."

Pete Ceglinski prepares to install a Seabin - photo © Seabin
Pete Ceglinski prepares to install a Seabin - photo © Seabin

"GCCM are committed to best environmental practice and innovation, as is demonstrated through our leadership in various business environmental initiatives. The Seabin Project is the epitome of both of these attributes, not to mention Australian ingenuity. GCCM were proud to host the Queensland demonstration of the Seabin, and will continue to support the great initiative, and raising the awareness of this innovation to the marine business world."

That's wonderful stuff, and we do need to continue to take charge of this epidemic, as Luke calls it. The reason is simple. If you give up on knowing that every little bit counts, then all hope is lost. Sometimes it is daunting at best, but the results have to speak for themselves. Some very quickly go on to blame Asia and Africa, as the major polluters. Yet look at this way. Once upon a time when you travelled to some of these locales, you got your food in a banana leaf, and your drink was in a coconut shell or similar.

Seafarer 2018 300x250   Zhik 2018 Hyeres 300x250

It was not long before the plastic tub took over, and your drink was in a plastic bag with a straw out of the top of it. It is stated that China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, are the worst offenders, and I can also quickly remember being at Port Klang outside of Kuala Lumpur and literally thinking you could walk across the fast flowing tide of junk, like stepping stones across a pond in park.

Plastic bags, bottled drinks and jars of emu oil are among the debris - photo © ABC News
Plastic bags, bottled drinks and jars of emu oil are among the debris - photo © ABC News

The world's most polluted river is in Indonesia. The Citarum receives no less than 20,000 tons of waste and 340,000 tons of wastewater, mostly from 2,000 textile factories, and all of this goes directly into the once clear and pristine waterways, and then of course, ultimately the world's oceans.

So it means the so-called First World is not the worst. Yet if you look at it more closely, you could say we gave them the issue, so now we should stand up and show them the way forward. Keeping it at the micro level and not using a straw will help a turtle. Not letting the six-pack carrier go over the side. We think it is cute in a movie where a penguin has it as permanent necklace, but the reality is far, far more disgusting. What about that whale that had tens and tens of kilos of plastic in its belly...

If you want to say not your problem fine, but you live here too, so every bit counts for all of us, and all of the other things around that call Earth home. Sermon over.

Gulf Stream and Atlantic Ocean currents - photo © SPL
Gulf Stream and Atlantic Ocean currents - photo © SPL

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OK. Today you will find that we have information for you about the Sydney Boat Show and boats like the new J/112E, and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490, the slowing of the Gulf Stream current, sharks, reefs, a video review of the new Bavaria C45, hanging out in the Caribbean, wandering around the Med, World ARC, the Newport Show, Orcas, as well as much more.

So you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow, Editor,

From Japan to Alaska, enigmatic but memorable...
Japan continued to be an enigma as we sailed north; past Kyushu, into the Sea of Japan, and on to the northern most large island of Hokkaido. Short passages were interspersed with longer legs when weather or schedule dictated.

RYA encourages boaters to have their say on new proposals for pleasure vessels
Members of the boating community are being encouraged to 'have their say' on the Maritime & Coastguard Agency's new Code of Practice for Intended Pleasure Vessels and its supporting Guidance Notices as well as some new Exemptions.

It's that time of year to reflect where has the sailing season gone…
The season never feels long enough to visit and explore all the places on route and sail our usual 3000+ miles per season. On reflection, we have had a great season on Suzie Too, setting off from Hampton in the US on the Salty Dawg Rally early November

World ARC 2018-19 celebrate half way mark!
Queensland and Mackay Marina Village have been an ideal location for the World ARC 2018-19 fleet to commence their Australian adventures. Bright and early Sunday morning the fleet visited Cape Hillsborough National Park to see wallabies and kangaroos.

Video Review of new Bavaria C45 Style Version
It is with many thanks to Ensign Ship Brokers that we were very fortunate to to be on the exceptionally new C45 for her maiden sail off Queensland's Gold Coast.

Eradicate rats to bolster coral reefs
New research has confirmed that invasive rats decimate seabird populations, with previously unrecognised consequences for the extensive coral reefs that encircle and protect these islands.

Piscatory paradox: Frigid polar oceans are species-formation hot spots for marine fishes
A common explanation for the gradient is that warm reef environments serve as evolutionary hot spots for species formation.

World ARC 2018-19 cross the Pacific Ocean to arrive in the Land Down Under
The World ARC 2018-19 fleet has officially arrived the land down under, Australia. Twenty two yachts have safely arrived Mackay Marina on the Queensland Coast, clearing Customs, Immigration and Biosecurity.

Take "off the beaten track" to another level
Plan the ultimate tropical getaway and enjoy up to 15% off your next charter with Sunsail when you book before 31 July! From lush rainforests in the Seychelles to cascading waterfalls in Grenada, you're sure to find the perfect oasis for less this summer.

Great Barrier Reef not bouncing back as before, but there is hope
Scientists at The University of Queensland, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reefs Studies (Coral CoE) and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have found a decline in the ability of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park reefs to recover

Newport International Boat Show Tell Tales
Greetings friends and fans of the Newport International Boat Show! Summer is flying by, as it does every year, and before we know it, the largest boating event in the entire Northeast will be here.

"Weeding" coral reefs
This week will see significant quantities of seaweed physically removed from the fringing reef at Magnetic Island's Florence Bay, in north Queensland, in a bid to give its coral an opportunity to both recover and grow.

12 shark facts that may surprise you
Sharks use their gills to filter oxygen from the water. They are a special type of fish known "elasmobranch", which translates into fish made of catilaginous tissues—the clear gristly stuff that your ears and nose tip are made of.

Prioritizing salmon to support orca recovery
NOAA Fisheries and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife developed a prioritized list of West Coast Chinook salmon stocks that are important to the recovery of endangered Southern Resident killer whales.

Seduced by the whims and charms of sailing the Mediterranean
Once you arrive in the Mediterranean Sea it is easy to understand why the Greek hero Odysseus took 10 years to find his way home.

Slowing Gulf Stream current to boost warming for twenty years
The prospect of the Gulf Stream slowing down and even stopping altogether has worried many experts in recent years.

Helly Hansen’s Lifaloft Hybrid Insulator Jacket receives Red Dot Award
This year's competition was fierce with more than 6,300 submissions. All the products entered were individually assessed and evaluated by an independent and international jury of experts, with the HH Lifaloft Hybrid Insulator Jacket coming out on top.

Marine Resources job updates
Marine Resources specialises in filling job vacancies within the Leisure Marine Industry. We have a variety of recruitment services to suit all types of marine employer.

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