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Crewsaver 2021 Safetyline LEADERBOARD Newsletter: The Smörgåsbord


The Smörgåsbord

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Sailing along nicely on board Bavaria's new C45 - photo © John Curnow

Dear Recipient Name

Sitting here a week out from this region's major event, the Sydney International Boat Show, the notion of a feast of delights somewhat overwhelmed me. Yes. There is a wide and interesting range of treats about to be laid out before us, and it is very much a case of all you can eat!

We have Jeanneau with the very clever Sun Odyssey 440 and 490. Ensign Ship Brokers will be displaying the very new and quite magical Bavaria C45. Beneteau are to have the 'unofficial' World Premiere of the highly anticipated Oceanis 46.1, and Damien Jacob is coming downunder to showcase the team's efforts with this seventh generation of the popular line.

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Also, we will be treated to J Boats and the J/112E that makes short-handed sailing so effortless. Multihull Central is serving up the trailable family weekender/week away Corsair Cruze 970 Trimaran. Then when it comes to twos, Multihull Solutions will be presenting the new, award winning and ever so stylish Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42. So it will be busy times indeed, and I feel like I won't eat for the week beforehand, just to save up enough room, as it were.

Now this next subject may not be the kind of buffet we would like, but it is a deadly serious one. It is not edible, rather toxic actually. It is also one we have been on to for some time on the website, and it is important to remember that - bar the ones already incinerated - every piece of plastic ever produced is still with us!

Indeed, we have been following this particular project very closely from its inception to current status. Its name is Seabin. It was an Australian invention, but recently Europe became a hotbed of activity for it, and so now the focus is on making Australia stand up and take notice once more. After launching just six months ago, it is projected that there will be between 50 and 60 Seabins in Aussie waters by December.

The wonderful Seabin at work! - photo © Seabin
The wonderful Seabin at work! - photo © Seabin

In May and June alone, 210 Seabins were installed in waterways around the world, with over 50 marinas in Europe alone investing in Seabin smart technology. The total number of functioning Seabins worldwide is now a staggering 232. This means that Seabins are now removing 646 kg of rubbish from the world's waterways every single day. This equates to nearly 40 metric tonnes of marine litter/rubbish that has been collected in May and June alone.

The images here are from an event on Queensland's Gold Coast on July 17, and further enquiries with Co-Founder, Pete Ceglinski, revealed a very promising outlook, given the enormity of the issue at hand. "The Seabin journey has been an exciting one and although we started only three years ago as a start up with a prototype only, its seems like a lot longer with the amount of attention we have been receiving."

Jeanneau AUS SO440 - MPU   Nebo 300x250 3

"Commercial Seabins started shipping in May this year, and we are now looking at over 200 units in over 50 countries. June saw Seabin Group receive its first paycheck, after surviving on the last three years on crowdfunding and grant capital. The current demand for Seabin technology is global with over 500 marinas in 80 countries enquiring to purchase the Seabin technology. The challenge of meeting this demand effectively on a global scale is what we are now working on, as the product development period is over for the V5 now."

"Each Seabin deployed is collecting around two to three kilos of marine debris with some locations recording 45-80kgs of debris per day. As well as collecting the larger items like plastic bottles, shopping bags and coffee cups, the Seabins have proved extremely effective in removing micro plastic particles and surface oils. The removal of the micro plastics, and unsightly surface oils in marinas, has been generally unheard of until now, and is only possible with the use of the effective Seabin technology."

Pete Ceglinski prepares to install a Seabin. - photo © Seabin
Pete Ceglinski prepares to install a Seabin. - photo © Seabin

"Whilst the deployment of Seabins within Europe is accelerating every week, we are also coming up against a 'not my mess, not my problem' culture, predominantly within some European countries. The Seabin technology and the issue of marine litter is a relatively new problem that is of global concern. We are working on circumventing this attitude by promoting cleaner waterways as a value-add for tourism and marina businesses, where long-time and repeat clients are depended upon."

"Local communities have also been instrumental in driving interest in the Seabin technology, after becoming frustrated by the amount of marine debris in waterways, and demanding effective solutions. Marseille is a perfect example of this. Crowdfunding by local communities, and then donating or sponsoring Seabins has now become a trend across the globe, which has led to interest from governments and cities. The City of Paris and an undisclosed major city in Australia [Editor's note: in the South] currently have trial Seabin units in the water with an objective of deploying the Seabin technology to assist in maintaining cleaner waterways."

"The growing trend of sustainability and corporate responsibility extends also to the superyacht industry with growing interest from manufacturers, crews, captains and owners requesting information on the possibility of installing Seabin units on transoms, for when the vessels are berthed in marinas on and off charter."

"Whilst the deployment of Seabins is now underway and gaining traction, our focus then moves to what do we do with all this waste and plastics the Seabins are removing every day. Seabin Group have started discussions early this year with waste service providers around the world of how we can introduce the Seabin plastics into the circular economy concept, because if plastic lasts forever, why not then reuse it? Seabin Groups future goal is to manufacture Seabins from the very plastics that they collect." So yes. An awesome project, and a particularly useful outcome!

Easy cleaning with the Seabin's waste basket at the top and readily accessible - photo © Seabin
Easy cleaning with the Seabin's waste basket at the top and readily accessible - photo © Seabin

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Given today's theme, it also seemed more than fitting to also have a comment from our friends at the Bluewater Cruising Association about their Peterson Cup Cruising Rally. When you read the description below, you'll see that these impromptu 'chefs', cook up a wonderful Summer buffet, complete with all the trimmings.

Rosario Passos explained it to me, "This is a cruising rally we do just before the August rendezvous. Folks just go out with no specific destination. In fact, they meet on the Friday night the week before the rendezvous and collectively decide which direction to go the following day. They cruise for six days, wherever the winds take them, but they do have to meet up with the rendezvous. Each evening they decide where to go the following day. It is meant to introduce you to, or to have you reminisce about, the cruising lifestyle."

"The group has a lot of fun sailing their boats and getting together each evening in beautiful secluded bays in the Gulf Islands, where they eat freshly made pie and talk about sailing... and have a few beers! It is a fun event, and there is a cup awarded at the end, with the winning criteria is also decided upon during the cruise." My. My. That certainly sounds like a terrific plan. Do enjoy it, team!

The Dream Team; Taipan & Red Roo. David, Phil, Kris & Maree - photo © SV Red Roo
The Dream Team; Taipan & Red Roo. David, Phil, Kris & Maree - photo © SV Red Roo

Anyport 2018 eWincher 300x250   Ensign 2018 Bavaria C45 MPU

OK. Today you will find that we have information for you about wine, keeping fit and active whilst at sea, Canada, bearings (not the geographical kind), New England, the South Pacific, GOLD, yes gold, how to head offshore, anchor chain, Sweden, Maine, Ireland, Cornwall, Whales [had to have that straight after the other territories], as well as much more.

So you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow, Editor,

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New IMB report shows persistent piracy risk in Gulf of Guinea
A total of 107 incidents were reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) in the first six months of 2018. In total, 69 vessels were boarded, with 23 attempted attacks, 11 vessels fired upon and four vessels hijacked.

Our six top spots in Patagonia
We had always planned to sail to Europe. I had dreams of going to the opera in Vienna and Ravenna; re-visiting galleries in Venice and Sienna; relishing wines in Portofino and Riomaggiore, and playing Albeniz's piano works in Almeria and Malaga.

From sky to sea: A woman's transition from commercial pilot to offshore sailor
Have you ever thought of yourself as the kind of woman who would prefer to take the road less traveled? Well, I did. Although, I never thought in a million years that road would turn out to be the sea.

Multihull Solutions Astrea 42 July 2018 - 600x500   Musto 2016 300x250 2
Valdivia as home for a winter
By 2006 we'd retired from our jobs, sold everything to buy a boat, said goodbye to neighbours, friends and relatives and headed straight for New Zealand. After experiencing the circle tour of various 'must-see' South Pacific delights

Road trip La Rochelle to Bordeaux
We had chosen the expensive (but much better) option to berth right up in the city basin rather than at the massive yacht marina on the entrance of the bay which is the largest marina for pleasure boats in Europe housing 3,500 boats.

75th Anniversary Swiftsure Regatta
Sailing is an exquisite way to enjoy the treasures of our world. Camaraderie, tranquillity and adventure all abound as one gets underway. Many of us are first inspired by racing our boats.

Yachtspot J121 300x250   Harken AUS Spinlock 300x250 2
Aerobics at sea
I have been a participant in aerobics on and off for about thirty five years and when I am at sea, I have devised a way to do a form of exercise while I am on watch.

The Seabin project is growing rapidly!
Seabin is a floating rubbish collection device designed to reduce, and ultimately eliminate pollution in our waterways. A simple concept coupled with an incredibly innovative design

The Difference Between Plain, Ball and Roller Bearings - from Upffront
Deck blocks are evolving. Bearings are constantly improving, as manufacturers endeavour to minimize friction in different load cases.

BandG AUS Triton2 300x250   Pantaenius Cruising Comprehensive 300x250
Farewell Vanuatu! Hello Coral Sea and the land of Oz!
A great big thank you to Yachting World Vanuatu Marina for hosting the World ArC 2018-19 fleet visit in Port Vila on the main island of Efate.

Cruising north and east, to New York and New England
Early last week we said farewell to our friends in beautiful Reedville, and started our journey northward. Once again it was hard to leave, however the Chesapeake can be fiercely humid in July and August

Race for Russian warship's '5,500 boxes of gold' - rumoured to be worth US$133 billion
Divers off the South Korean island of Ulleungdo have discovered the fabled wreck of the Dmitrii Donskoi, a Russian warship that was sunk in 1905 and is rumoured to still contain 5,500 boxes of gold bars and coins said to be worth US$133 billion.

Whitsunday Holidays 2018 MPU   NCYC NSW Country Yachting Championships 600x500
J/Boats debuts 'Elegance' range at Sydney International Boat Show 2018
Among the selection of sailing yachts being displayed at the Sydney International Boat Show (2nd to 6th August), Yachtspot will be displaying two models from J/Boats 'Elegance' series.

Practical preparation advice for an offshore passage from ARC sailors and cruising rally experts
The forum will feature a panel of seasoned bluewater cruisers sharing their personal experiences of sailing offshore passages and living on board, together with industry professionals giving their own practical top tips.

Advice on sailing in Borneo...
S/V KINABALU has been lucky to have the hospitality and organisational skills of OCC PO for Brunei, Allan Riches. Allan has been in Brunei since 1993 and has a wealth of knowledge to share as we begin a week long series of adventures.

Hooper Sails 300x100   Boat Books Australia
From the Vava'u Islands of Tonga to Fiji
We arrived off Vava'u Island at first light, July 4, 2000. We motored up the entrance channel and anchored off the town of Neiafu by mid-morning and dinghied ashore to complete customs and immigration formalities.

Updating your anchor chain
Looks fairly grungy doesn't it? This was the state of our anchor chain when we replaced it last month. Yes, we did consider having it re-galvanised, however it appears that many galvanising businesses nowadays don't want to handle chain.

Australia to lead lithium-ion battery recycling charge
A new battery recycling industry to tackle Australia's annual 3300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste could be on the cards, according to a new report.

Basic Rope Maintenance from Upffront
Salt water and dirt tears away at the fibres of the rope, shortening their lifespan. 'Salty ropes' are damp, thus collect more dirt. Ropes aren't cheap. Proper maintenance ensures you get the most out of your ropes.

BandG AUS Triton2 FOOTER

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