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Mitsubishi team win Soto 40 South American Tour

by Soto40 Media 21 Apr 2015 07:27 UTC 20 April 2015
Mitsubishi team win Soto 40 South American Tour © Soto40 Media

Horacio Pavez's Mitsubishi has managed to become champion of the Soto40 South American Tour 2014/2015, in which they have sailed 38 races in four different stages in Chile, Uruguay and Brazil against boats not only from these countries but also European and crews from all around the world.

Horacio Pavez, owner of Mitsubishi told us: "The South American Tour is a very good circuit. It consisted of four dates, the Off Valparaiso which is a traditional Chilean race that has over 40 years. Then it was followed by the Chile Sailing Week, which was a new experience in Chile because traditional races in the last week of January in Chile are Chiloé in even years and in the north in odd years but this year this experience was very new and very positive. The third date was Punta Del Este and fourth in Florianópolis, Brazil the World Championship of the class."

"The fact of have been in all stages and have had a good performance is what ultimately gave us the award, because although in the last stage we have not had the best performance, we have achieved a good navigation in all others (seconds in Punta Del Este and first in the Chile Sailing Week)." he told us.

"It's a very good circuit to repeat. Perhaps the key is to have dates in Brazil, as an alternative for the future is rather rent boats at the destination where the date is done, but to be thinking about transportation. Including Punta del Este and Florianópolis as they have had very good organization and are very nice places."Pavez ended.

Congratulations to the entire Mitsubishi team which is formed by: Juan Eduardo Reid (CHI), Antonio Piris (ESP), Aureliano Negrin (ESP), Nuno Barreto (ESP), Juan Sanchez (ARG), Alvaro Varela (CHI), Sebastian Canovas (CHI), Ernesto Kirsch (ARG), Cristian Jacquet (ARG) and Horacio Pavez (CHI).

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