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ILCA/Laser Fit Out Guide from Allen Brothers

by Allen 18 Sep 2020 17:00 UTC
Allen block for bottom of ILCA cunningham © Southeast Sailboats

As one of the world's most popular sailing dinghies, with over 215,000 boats sold worldwide, it would be no surprise to find an ILCA/Laser in almost every dinghy park around the globe. Although the popular sailboat can last for years, many of the fittings will eventually need replacing as they become worn or perish in the elements.

In this handy fitting guide, you can find all the details of the Allen parts for a top-spec racing fit-out or a club level budget-friendly option. All options listed are completely class legal.

Firstly, thank you to Southeast Sailboats for providing the images in this guide - Southeast Sailboats design and provide high-end, ready to fit, control line and related solutions for the Laser/ILCA dinghy.

Race Vang - 15:1 Purchase system

Allen manufacture and sell a complete Laser vang kit with everything you'll need to upgrade your existing vang system. The A8331 includes the following hardware and is completely class legal:

  • A5861 - Lower vang unit.
  • A2023 - 20mm Dynamic double becket block.
  • A2030PF-873 - 30mm plain bearing fork block with vang key.
  • SA.873 - Heavy-duty vang key.
  • Control line - 4500mm
  • Primary Dyneema - 1400mm

For details on how to rig the A8331 or check out the instructional video.

However, if you would like to upgrade the Vang system further, the following changes to improve performance, durability and reduce friction are recommended:

Southeast Sailboats sponsored sailor, multiple world champion and Olympic coach Jon Emmett talks about the benefits of this ILCA/Laser Specialised block in the following video.

Original Vang - 3:1 Purchase system

If you want to keep things budget-friendly and to the original spec of the '70s then you will need:

  • A..93LZ - Plain bearing single sheave block with becket & key.
  • A.165LZ - V cleat with double sheave & becket.

Other Vang Fittings

Cunningham and Outhaul Pack - 8:1 & 6:1 Purchase systems respectively

The Allen Outhaul and Cunningham power pack is a great upgrade to get you started with everything you need to remove friction from an ageing system. The A8332 pack comes with:

  • 4 x A2020 - 20mm Dynamic blocks.
  • 1 x A2021HK - 20mm Dynamic hook block.
  • 1 x A5849 - Outhaul and Cunningham mast base plate with two A2021F (20mm Dynamic Fork Blocks).
  • 1 x A5848 - Control line base plate with 2 x A.677 cleats and A.397 Pro-Leads.
  • 1 x A.222W - Stopper knob.
  • 1 x A..22W - Stopper knob.
  • 4 x Self-tapping screws for the A5849 & A5848.
  • Primary 4mm Dyneema - 600mm
  • Primary 4mm Dyneema - 4700mm
  • Primary 5mm Dyneema - 3900mm
  • 4mm Control line - 620mm
  • 4mm Control line - 920mm
  • 4mm Control line - 1710mm
  • 5mm Shock cord - 1000mm
  • 4mm mast retaining line - 1400mm

Cunningham Upgrades

To get even more from your A8332 Cunningham system you can change the A2020 blocks to the Tii-On versions to save weight and move up a sheave size to reduce friction. To use this set up you will need to be able to splice rope. For the radial and 4.7 rigs, a 6:1 system is normally sufficient. However, for the standard rig, an 8:1 is essential as the sailcloth on the MKII standard rig is much stiffer, requiring a more powerful system.

  • For the 6:1 system, 2 x A2030Tii - 30mm Dynamic Tii-On blocks are required.
  • For the 8:1 system, 3 x A2030Tii - 30mm Dynamic Tii-On blocks are required.

Outhaul Upgrades

Some sailors may prefer to use a shackle rather than an A2021HK for attaching the outhaul system to the clew of the sail. Other changes also include changing to Tii-On blocks and going up a sheave size.

Allen recommends the following upgrades:

  • 2 x A2020Tii - 20mm Dynamic Tii-On.
  • 1 x A2030Tii - 30mm Dynamic Tii-On.
  • 1 x A6075 - Shackle with key pin and extra pin and ring attached to 1 x A2020Tii

See the Outhaul rigging guide video or the Cunningham rigging guide video.

Mainsheet System

The mainsheet system on an ILCA/Laser has remained relatively simple since the dinghy's creation. However, modern design ratchet blocks are now available to help the sailor grip the rope with ease.

Depending on your needs these are the ratchet blocks Allen recommend:

  • Heavy winds - A2360Wave - 60mm X2 AutoRatchet with Wave Sheave or A2160WAVE - 60mm Switchable Pro-Ratchet With Wave Sheave.
  • Medium winds - A2360 - 60mm X2 AutoRatchet.
  • Light winds - A2345 - 45mm X2 AutoRatchet.

The rest of the mainsheet system is straight forward:

  • 1 x A.278 - 38mm Single plain bearing block.
  • 1 x A.378 - 38mm Single plain bearing block with becket.
  • 1 x A.278-74 - 38mm single plain bearing block with Inglefield clip.
  • 1 x A.178-74 - 28mm single plain bearing block with Inglefield clip.
  • 2 x A.282A - Aluminium open base fairlead.

Allen produce many of the original deck fittings for the ILCA/Laser. In the list below you will find the fittings list working aft, starting at the bow.

Deck Fittings

  • A.134 - Acetal bow fairlead.
  • A5850 - Mast base block plate.
  • A5847 - Plastic plate with wire fairleads for control line cleats.
  • A5861 - Cam Cleats and base for the control lines.
  • A.677 - Cam Cleat for side deck for Mainsheet.
  • A..99RB-CAN - Toe strap plate royal blue.

Mast and Boom Fittings

  • ASP4109 - Gooseneck
  • A4413 - Vang strap bracket for Laser boom.
  • A4142-6.5 - Laser vang mast bracket.

Rudder and Transom Fittings

  • A5198 - Tiller extension flexible joint
  • AB.485 - Laser gudgeon.
  • A1923 - Rudder retaining clip.
  • ASP1785 - Laser retaining pin.
  • A.423 - Screw bung with socket.
  • 1619 - Gorilla tiller with tiller extension.

Accessories and Miscellaneous Fittings

  • A.359 - Nylon hook for the centreboard.
  • A..74 - Inglefield clips for mainsheet blocks.
  • A..71M - Lower mast-mounted Aerovane.
  • MP2382 - Laser sail batten endcap (Outer).
  • MP2383 - Laser sail batten endcap (Inner).

If you require any more advice on fitting an ILCA/Laser or are looking for any specific parts please get in contact with the Allen sales team - - +441621 774689

Further One Design fittings lists can also be found on the technical page on the Allen website.

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