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GJW Direct 2020

Sailing, A Woman's World: Outremer turns tables for International Women's Day

by Grand Large Yachting - Outremer 8 Mar 21:18 UTC
Sailing, A Woman's World © Outremer

Outremer launched its final video as part of a multi-media campaign to celebrate International Women's Day and the success of its long-standing 'Ladies Only' programs. The campaign features a short series of highly entertaining videos that looks at men and women in sailing, and the biased narratives that sometimes exists between them.

International Women's Day Video Campaign

Outremer's campaign began early last week when a short video teased a series of interviews with Outremer owners, asking men questions that women can experience in the world of sailing. The longer version, shared last Friday and early this week, revealed the full story of Outremer gathering customers without giving away what they were doing, and then watched the confusion unfold as men were complimented on their clothing, asked about their offshore beauty routine, and if their partners ever let them take the helm. The videos gained a great amount of traction from the public, commenting on Nikki Henderson's sharing of the full version on Monday.

Teaser available here.

Full version available here.

The narrative develops as women are then interviewed about their own experiences, and the level to which they are involved in sailing.

Ladies Only

Outremer is proud to support women in sailing, and for the past year it has continued to develop its 'Ladies Only' program, which allows women to perfect their skills on their own terms with a series of training courses and forums available throughout the year. As part of the program Outremer has had the privilege of working closely with record-breaking round-the-world British skipper and speaker Nikki Henderson.

Going beyond just providing custom-made blue water sailing catamarans, Outremer stays with customers throughout their journey, offering year-long training courses, network support and even organising once-in-a-lifetime world rallies with Grand Large Yachting World Odyssey. Through the Outremer Academy owners also benefit from a week of intensive training twice a year, and get to connect with fellow sailing enthusiasts. The Ladies Only program spans across all these services, offering training specifically for women, through both face-to-face coaching and online webinars.

"Sailing around the world is the dream for many of us, but women are often sidelined in what is a male-dominated industry. To make the dream come true and the experience enjoyable, women should be onboarded from the very beginning. That's what we've done with the Ladies Only program, and hope to raise awareness through this campaign the bias that can sometimes exist in the sailing community," said Nikki.

The narrative develops as women are then interviewed about their own experiences, and the level to which they are involved in sailing.

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