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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

8 up to 11 to 1 - newsletter


8 up to 11 to 1

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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Commissioning and sea trials are underway on 68.06 - photo © Gunboat

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Now you cannot have that discussion without first having one about displacement. In fact, they really do need to be concurrently, but so as not to get fixated on the latter, let's sort of let it coast along on cruise control for a bit so that we get stuck into the former. Whilst we are at it, we also need to remember that volume is also part of the mix, but it too is not what we need to put the laser pointer on, right now...

So 8 to 11:1 is a ratio that is so utterly crucial to cats. Length to beam, as it turns out, and in between those two is fairly hallowed ground. At 8 you are a motorsailer, at least with the leeward donk anyway. After 10.5 you are flying a hull, you'll be made of carbon, and your gear bag will be weighed when you get on. Actually, leave the bag dockside, and step on with that which you can only wear or carry in your arms.

After 12 and a pipe cot will look glamorous. Yes. There are a few caveats to all of that, and I'd hate to be using humour for humour's sake... Now in theory anything can be done, but large chainplates in titanium for a cruising cat and E6 standing rigging is just a little bit overboard, wouldn't you say?

Team ESP had a lot of pace, a lot of the time - photo © John Curnow
Team ESP had a lot of pace, a lot of the time - photo © John Curnow

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So at 8 or so you have seriously millions of choices. And it is fair to say that the more you go past 12 (and take into account the other two big ones) the more you'll look like an F50. Cure Marine's glorious Cure 55 is one that sits at the upper end of this narrow and somewhat exclusive band.

Here there is a trade off in outright volume for less wetted surface area, lower mass, and wait for the big one, a significantly greater 24 hour run distance over the porky pigs. You could be up to 150nm in front in just the one day, which means you will have left that anchorage and be setting up camp in the next one by the time the other boat is just arriving at the one you left before. You're nowhere near done with sailing if you go down this path!

Designed and built by sailors - Cure 55 is glorious - photo © Cure Marine
Designed and built by sailors - Cure 55 is glorious - photo © Cure Marine

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So what about the other end of that wee niche. Where you trade off a bit of outright pace for more volume. The ability to have a head amidships, and not at one end of a narrow cul de sac. Perhaps even a King bed instead of a Queen. One where you can and do still sail it, as well as turn the smelly off in just about all conditions. Yes. Not many production level boats reside in that place.

This was a locale that Excess arrived to lay claim to, and indeed the later Excess 11 and now Excess 14 (which are effectively Excess 1.5 and 2.0 respectively) have delivered upon. In the case of the Excess 14 especially, the work done under Covid rules has paid off. Time to run various designs through CFD modelling has resulted in asymmetric forms and shorter, but deeper keelsons, amongst other things.

Get ready for a surprise - Excess 11 - photo © John Curnow
Get ready for a surprise - Excess 11 - photo © John Curnow

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To say I have enjoyed my time speaking with The Catman Group Beneteau's Bruno Belmont over our Sail-World journey really is the classic understatement. Notwithstanding any of that, Excess Brand Director, Thibaut de Montvalon, sat down to get the low down on cat design with Bruno, which you can watch on video.

As a completely self-confessed nerd and trainspotter, it was refreshing to see and hear just how far they were prepared to go in explaining the ins and outs of what's in and what's out when it comes to delivering on a very special promise - that sailable cruising cat.

Excess 14 Catamaran - photo © Excess Catamarans
Excess 14 Catamaran - photo © Excess Catamarans

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The reason is simply that these are points every buyer should know and be aware of, for it is going to maximise your dollar and more importantly, your overall experience. Not everyone wants to fly a hull, and not everyone wants to grade every piece of ocean they cover. Where you land on the spectrum is going to be best served by one style of vessel over another, and selecting said craft is THE only thing you need to be concerned with.

Below is a list of the subjects they go into and explain. Do not worry if you do not comprehend a section at first, just watch that portion again. For instance, don't get locked in on the formula for prismatic coefficient, just think of it as a representation of how big a hole a certain hull form makes as it moves along. If you want to read more about, please read this America's Cup article.

  • Hull form
  • Displacement as it pertains to beam
  • Outright displacement itself, and how to assess it
  • Centre of Gravity and keeping it in the same position
  • Beam as it relates to room and stability, against cost and mass
  • Beam as it relates to wetted surface area, hull form, and specifically the beam at waterline (BWL)
  • Platform length (i.e. internal space on the main deck) versus hull length, and therefore also mass
  • Appendages - especially drag versus lift (performance), including asymmetric hull shape
  • Volume spread as it relates to seakeeping and pace

Here is the video link again!

Bruno Belmont on the left and Thibaut de Montvalon on the right - photo © Excess Catamarans
Bruno Belmont on the left and Thibaut de Montvalon on the right - photo © Excess Catamarans

OK. We have stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with on our website. Please use the search window at the top of the home page if you are after something specific, as only the latest news appears on the site as you scroll down. We enjoy bringing you the best stories from all over the globe.

If you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top of the SailWorldCruising home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Finally, stay safe, and let's see where it all goes now,

John Curnow
Global Editor,

MPU from May 9 2022   Barz Optics 2023 SWC 1

Marguerite gets ready to make a splash
When the striking 28m Marguerite came on the scene in 1999, she fulfilled the design brief of a globe-girdler with creature comforts to a T. And over the years, thanks to the regular attention of the skilled crews, she stayed that way.

Raymarine extends LightHouse charts to cover Belgian and Dutch coastal and inland waterways
Raymarine, a leading manufacturer of marine electronics equipment and charting solutions, has announced the extension of its LightHouse Charts to encompass the coastal and inshore waters of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Electric Furler from Facnor - latching on the trend of boat electrification
The sailing world is undergoing a sea change, embracing the power of electrification for unparalleled ease and convenience, especially for older crews and solo sailors. Electric systems are revolutionising boats.

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Interview with Raymarine's Grégoire Outters
We spoke to Grégoire Outters, Managing Director of Raymarine to find out more about the marine electronics company, his role, the challenges faced, and where he sees development being concentrated in the decade to come.

Colligo Marine set for the United States Sailboat Show
Don't miss out on Colligo Marine at the United States Sailboat Show! We will be introducing our NEW Standing Rigging product called Para-D, High Mod Rigging. This has characteristics similar to Carbon at much less of the cost.

Henri-Lloyd aboard the Ocean Warrior
Since Henri-Lloyd set out on their journey in 1963, they have accompanied the world's most famous explorers on their round-the-world adventures. This year, they set sail once more, protecting those on board the Foundation I Expedition of Ocean Warrior.

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Antigua Yacht Club Marina offices burned down last Monday night
As many of you will have heard already, very sadly during tropical storm Philippe that passed over Antigua and Barbuda last Monday night, the Antigua YC Marina offices burned down which included Skullduggery cafe, Cloggy's and shops within that block.

What's Your Magic Number? Lagoon 440 'Impi'
Our Magic Number Competition asked Cyclops sailors to share a short, engaging, fun video that showcases a magic Cyclops load number that helps them excel.

British sailor completes Harbour Master Sailing Challenge, raising £25K for The Seafarers' Charity
Supported by Inland and Coastal Marina Systems (ICMS), British sailor Mark Ashley-Miller has completed his epic 9000-mile Harbour Master Sailing Challenge, raising over £25,000 for The Seafarers' Charity.

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Armdale YC's Broader Reach Program: Winner of Sail Canada's 2022 Recreation Event of the Year Award
Sail Canada has announced that the Armdale Yacht Club's Broader Reach Program in Nova Scotia was named Sail Canada's 2022 Recreation Event of the Year.

Best bottom up furlers: Top 5 from - Autumn 2023
In this article we round up five of the best bottom up furlers on the market. Choosing the right furler is a question of boat size and SWL (safe working load), sail area, performance level and budget.

Ocean outlook: Red Sea, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Ocean
Canadians are no longer able to get a visa on arrival, nor an E-Visa for Egypt. A visa in advance must be acquired from an embassy or consulate in a neighbouring country.

Hyde Sails 2023 SIBS   GJW Direct 2020 MPU
2026 deadline for UKHO Discontinuation of Paper Charts scrapped
Timetable for withdrawal of Standard Nautical Charts and Thematic Charts to be extended beyond 2026 in response to user feedback.

'Support', 'confidence' and 'joy' found onboard with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
As the 2023 sailing season comes to a close for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, young people who've benefited from a sailing adventure with the Trust for the first time this year have reported they've found 'support', 'confidence' and 'joy' onboard.

Antarctic winter sea ice hits 'extreme' record low
The preliminary Antarctic Sea Ice Maximum and Arctic Sea Ice Minimum are both in and the results are alarming scientists.

Allspars December 2019 MPU   Crewsaver Ergofit MPU
Lessons from s/v Novara's expedition
s/v Novara's expedition sought to support Scottish Highlands and Islands climate action.

10% off Harken Winches and Furlers
Harken UK is offering 10% off the RRP on winches and furlers for a limited time only! The discount will run until Tuesday 31st October*.

Lisa Blair unveils shocking extent of microplastic pollution from her Antarctica expedition
Australian world record solo sailor Lisa Blair has revealed the shocking extent of microplastic pollution in the Southern Ocean in the most comprehensive data collection achieved with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

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Honorary OCC member Jeanne Socrates named to Cape Horn Hall of Fame
Four Whitbread/Volvo/Ocean Race Veterans and two record-breaking female solo circumnavigators were inducted into the Cape Horn Hall of Fame.

The Ancasta End of Summer Show in Hamble
Missed the Southampton Boat Show? Here is another opportunity to view our sail and power boats at The Ancasta End of Summer Show in Hamble.

Geir Works Some Magic
Last year my friend Morten Christensen and I went cruising for 18 days sailing 700 nm passed the arctic circle along the Norwegian coast.

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Mav Hooded Warmer Jacket: Warmth Redefined
Embrace the cold season with confidence and warmth. The Mav Hooded Warmer Jacket is the perfect fusion of lightweight design and function, ensuring you stay warm and protected from the elements.

World ARC Pacific complete rally in Mackay, Australia
The World ARC Pacific fleet have reached their final destination of Mackay on the Eastern coast of Australia.

Baltic 111 Raven foiling trials completed
Early sailing trials for the foil-assisted Baltic 111 Raven have been described as 'very successful' as the super-lightweight sloop showed impressive reliability and reached sustained speeds in the high 20s during 10 consecutive days of sailing.

Barton Marine launch Outboard Motor Sling
Barton Marine launched a new Outboard Motor Sling alongside the market premiers of the Tuphblox Tufnol range and Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension series at the Southampton International Boat Show 2023.

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