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Intelligent Adapter corrects shore power mismatches

by Martin Flory Group 1 Apr 2020 14:14 UTC

While a growing number of boats operate on 100A electrical systems, many marinas are still in the process of upgrading power pedestals to accommodate them. The YQ100PLUS adapter from Hubbell Marine offers a solution. It safely powers a 100A vessel from one or two 50A AC receptacles—especially helpful for cruisers visiting new ports.

Built to last, the Hubbell YQ100PLUS adapter incorporates a rugged, UV-resistant, high-impact housing that is environmentally-sealed against humidity, fog and rain. It allows a 100A 125/250V AC vessel to safely connect to single or double 50A 125/250V AC receptacles. Internal logic control automatically senses whether one or both plugs are engaged, while built-in indicator lights confirm correct phase and polarity dockside. When a power pedestal has only a single 50A receptacle for use, a 3-pole contactor on the YQ100PLUS breaks both hots and neutrals to protect against the disengaged plug being live.

The Hubbell Marine YQ100PLUS must be connected to an onboard, center-tapped isolation transformer or shore power converter. It gives boat owners the freedom to power their vessels at marinas with a different electrical system from what exists onboard.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Tel: +1-727-304-7638 or visit

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