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Hubbell Intelligent Y Adapter keeps the lights on

by Martin Flory Group 26 Feb 2021 15:35 UTC
Hubbell Intelligent Y Adapter © Hubbell Marine

Owners whose boats have 50A 125/250V electrical systems will spend the night in the dark if they cruise to a marina that only offers 30A 125V service. But not if they have the YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter from Hubbell Marine. The innovative device rectifies electrical mismatches by plugging into two 30A pedestal outlets to provide safe, correct and full power to the vessel.

Hubbell's Intelligent Y Adapter has an internal PC board that automatically checks that both plugs are engaged and in separately-phased outlets. This ensures true 250V power is delivered to the boat.

As a safety feature, the YQ230 verifies correct polarity of the pedestal in case the hot and neutral wires are incorrect, or one of the plugs has become disengaged. If anything is amiss, the device shuts off to prevent an accident. A safety indicator light displays when the adapter is connected and working normally.

Like all Hubbell shore power products, the YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter is built to last. It has a rugged UV- and impact-resistant housing that's fully sealed against humidity, fog and rain with specialized grommets. Integrated clamps prevent strain on the cord terminals.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Tel: +1-727-304-7638 or visit

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