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Hubbell isolation transformers increase safety, reliability

by Hubbell Marine 22 Sep 2023 22:33 UTC
Hubbell isolation transformers increase safety, reliability © Hubbell Marine

One of the great joys of boating is the freedom to explore distant shores. But the availability of clean, safe dockside power at remote ports of call can never be guaranteed. Isolation transformers from Hubbell Marine protect a vessel's delicate electronic equipment from damaging surges and spikes, while simultaneously eliminating the possibility of electric shock drowning caused by stray current leaking into the water from a faulty shore connection.

UL certified and ABYC compliant, Hubbell isolation transformers are engineered for 50A and 100A systems, available in 50/60 or 60 Hz and in 15 or 25 kVA configurations to suit US and EU markets. Each unit comes pre-wired for 120/240V applications in a compact, lightweight design that utilizes little onboard space. 15 kVA models weigh just 95kg and measure 43mm H x 35.9mm W x 29.4mm D, while 25 kVA models weigh only 113kg and measure 46.8mm H x 41mm W x 33.9mm D.

A choice of a white powder coated or 316 stainless steel housing complements other onboard equipment. Hubbell isolation transformers provide easy access to the main module and other interior components. High quality terminal blocks assure reliable wire management. Integral mounting brackets facilitate secure, safe installation in even tight quarters.

These versatile systems can be wired for either a polarization or isolation transformer system. An optional auto-boost module can be added to all models. The auto-boost of 12.5% will engage if voltage reading at the dock falls between 195-220V. An LED indicator display mounted to the outside of the housing easily shows transformer status.

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